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Avocado seed sprouting system with 2 IKEA items

An upgraded IKEA avocado seed sprouting system.

Here’s a tiny hack from my kitchen.

After I grew out of my traditional “avocado seed sprouting system” with the toothpicks, I had to find a better version which provided more space for the roots and saved the seeds.

toothpick system

My toothpick system

This video demonstrates the toothpick system.

I was researching in my kitchen and found the BLADET vase and the SPRITTA apple slicer as a good combination!

IKEA items:
  • SPRITTA apple slicer (901.529.99)
  • BLADET Vase (800.680.10)
Avocado seed sprouting instructions:

The slicer can hold more seeds in the correct height relative to the water level and we can avoid punching the seeds.

avocado seed sprouting IKEA hack

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Important thing is the water level, which should be at half the height of the seeds. So we must refill the water every few days.

avocado seed sprouting IKEA hack

They love the sunshine and warmth. My kitchen window is a good place for them.

avocado seed sprouting IKEA hack

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When the first leaves open, I would move them into flower soil.

Sad, but we have to know, avocado usually does not produce a crop indoors 🙁 but it’s fun and beautiful.

~ by Robert

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Q: Transform closet into into neat home office storage?

Hi, I’m Filomena and I am a teacher. I am Portuguese, living in Portugal, with my husband and 3 dogs in a 3 bedroom flat.

We turned one of our bedrooms into a home office because both my husband and I work a lot from home. (I am a teacher and he is a computer engineer). 

Our home office has two IKEA MATTEUS desks (discontinued), a beige sofa, and this week we are going to install METOD kitchen wall cabinets in white. And we are also hanging white curtains on the window and as a cover for the built-in closet.

We have this built-in closet in our home office. Because it hasn’t got shelves or upper drawers, it’s a mess, as you can see from the pictures.

home office storage problem
home office storage problem

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That’s where we need your help.

We don’t use it for clothes. And we would like to use it for hidden (but organized) home office storage (files, boxes, …).

We wouldn’t like to attach shelves to the walls of the closet, because there may be a hollow space between the inner wood panel and the actual wall, we are not sure.

built in closet

Maybe a shelving unit, KALLAX or BILLY, maybe? 

Home office storage space measurements:
  • Height: 144cm (from top of bottom drawers to upper shelf)
  • Width: 180cm
  • Depth: 50cm

I hope you can help me with some ideas.



Hi Filomena

Design wise, the KALLAX may be a bit bulky for the space and the fixed cubbies a little restrictive in its usage. BILLY is only 28cm deep, which would be too shallow for best use of the space you have.

Given the dimensions of the space, the IVAR would be a great fit for it. And since it’s made from real wood, the IVAR is easy to work with and customise to fit your home office storage needs.

Not to mention, it is great value for money.

Two sections of IVAR (with IVAR posts at 124cm tall, 50cm deep) and 83cm shelves will give you 174 cm wide storage unit.

IVAR two sections

IVAR 2 sections/shelves (174x50x124 cm) |

The next consideration would be how to get it into the closet? I hope the sliding closet doors are removable? If so, you can build the IVAR and then slot the entire unit into the cavity.

If not, then you will need to build two separate IVAR units and then place one in each section. Pictured below is the 30cm deep version. I’d go for the 50cm deep shelves to maximise storage. (There is also a shorter shelf, if you prefer.)


IVAR (89x30x124 cm) |

Best thing is, you can add accessories such as a clip-on basket or small drawers for stationery. You can also modify the IVAR chest of 3-drawers into a hanging file cabinet.

Lastly, stain or paint to match the IVAR pine to your built-in closet.

Hope this helps you determine the best solution for your problem.

Happy hacking,


Hacking may compromise the structural integrity of the item, so please be aware of the risks involved before modifying or altering any IKEA product. Alterations and modifications will also void any warranties or return policies you may have received from IKEA. is not liable for any product failure, injury or damage resulting from the application of suggestions, ideas and hacks featured on this site.

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IKEA β€œVacations in a Box” for the ultimate staycation

Paris, Tokyo, Turkey, and the Maldives — here we come!

Stuck at home for far too long? IKEA UAE came up with a fun staycation idea — Vacations in a Box — to bring a little wanderlust into your home.

Beyond virtual tours and Zoom backgrounds, “Vacations in a Box” is essentially a curated box of IKEA products. There are 4 destinations to choose from: Sunrise in Cappadocia, Teatime in Tokyo, Feet up in the Maldives and L’amour in Paris.

staycation idea - IKEA vacations in a box

Open the kit and you’ll find items like pillows, glassware, rugs and artwork — the stuff you need to transport you to the destination of your choice. Set them up and voilà! You can safely vacay within the confines of your home.

Along with the box, IKEA offers a downloadable booklet for each destination. The booklet is filled with suggestions for music, movies, recipes, and activities.

Staycation idea: Turkey

For example, you can turn your balcony into the set for a tranquil morning in Cappadocia.

staycation idea - IKEA vacations in a box


For the full Cappadocia experience, download the booklet and listen to a playlist of Turkish music. Dig into a serving of Menemen, a popular breakfast in Turkey. And then, get your family together for the Halay, a traditional Turkish dance. Does that sound like a good “travel” itinerary?

The Halay

The boxes are currently only available online and in-store at IKEA United Arab Emirates. But the website lists the products contained in the box, so you can add them to cart and check them out at the IKEA nearest to you.

“Right now, many people are unable to put a tick mark on the dream destination they had planned for this year,” said Carla Klumpenaar of IKEA UAE, reports Bandt.

“With our Vacations in a Box, it’s easy for people to experience a French-style candlelit dinner or sip green tea while kneeling on cushions inspired by Tokyo.”

Where are planning to go to first?

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Battery cart for outdoor gigs and emergency power

I call it the Cart of Theseus – a battery cart for mobile PA (camping, busking, etc)

I built this battery cart out of an old IKEA storage box. It had been sitting around by the trash waiting to either get used or thrown out for ages and it turned out to be roughly the right dimensions for what I wanted to do.

The other band members and audience members and casual passersby are impressed and thrilled about it.

And if you’re looking for ways to get outdoor gigs and put musicians together especially in the times of Coronavirus, this puts you right at the heart of the action.

You could also use it for emergency backup power for your house or host your own dance party on a camping trip. 

IKEA item used:
  • Some kind of black storage box on wheels from 10 years ago. (Either bedroom or office organization.) Most likely SNACK.
Other materials and tools:
  • 2 6-volt 236-amphr golf cart batteries
  • 2′ AWS #2 cables, two sets
  • One rapid charger
  • One battery tender charger for downtime
  • 1500-watt 3k peak pure sine wave inverter with 15 amp 120v output
  • Table saw
  • Sawzall
  • Electric drill
  • Work surface with clamps 
  • Set of (4) 255lb capacity casters
  • 16 5/8 3″ carriage screws
  • 2×4 wood, 1×1 wood
  • Gorilla tape
  • Hinges
  • Hardware, various

Building a battery cart

First, decide how you want to mount the inverter in the box to go alongside the batteries.



I chose horizontal mounting and cut the box to accommodate. Your mobile battery cart may look totally different. Mine has changed a couple of times, hence the name. 

Use Sawzall to remove sections of box not needed. Save the edge brackets to re-use on newly placed corners. 

Reinforce newly shaped box edges with screws and saved end-brackets from cuttings.

Battery cart to power up outdoor gigs and more

First fitting, without lid

Battery cart to power up outdoor gigs and more

Build 2×4 / 1×4 frame inside IKEA box to withstand 150 lbs of battery and an extra 75 lbs of gear to roll on top for one-trip mobile PA juice and equipment from car or home to location.  

Reinforce the interior of the box with 1×4 and 2×4 pieces to hold the weight and not fall apart. Measure to insure batteries will fit snugly but not be cramped.

Change out wheels

I initially tried using the casters that came with it, but they fell apart 200 ft out of the car. They were probably rated for about 25 lbs of weight and this behemoth came to roughly 2200-225 with the batteries, inverter, and music gear on top.

You’ll have to use a bunch of wood screws and a table saw to cut the right pieces for the frame.

With lid

With closed top

Also, be sure to place the frame in such way that you can screw into it with the carriage screws and secure the big casters. This is something I may need to revisit later as not all the screwpoints are seated properly. 

Build the shelf for the inverter

I used a couple pieces from the cut-away outer edge of the box to make the shelf. 

Mount the inverter. 

Put the batteries in. 

Wire the two  6-volt golf cart batteries in series to bring the voltage up to the required 12 volts for the 12-volt inverter to bump to 120v. Positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of the other battery.

Battery cart to power up outdoor gigs and more

Open, with inverter in place

Then when placed in the cart, negative terminal of the first battery to the negative terminal of the inverter. Positive terminal of opposite battery to the positive terminal of the inverter.

This way, the two 6-volt batteries are operating as 1 single 12-volt battery into the inverter and they have 236 amp hours of energy to offer ~ 4 hours at 1kw output!!

How long did it take to hack this?

Initial time spent on this hack was one evening. However, there were a fair number of learnings along the way as I needed to replace the casters and extend the inverter shelf further out when one of the caster screw holes popped through the bottom of the 2×4 and I had to tape/cushion it from the battery. All in all, probably 8-12 hours. 

What do you like most about this hack? What’s the hardest part?

What I liked most about the hack is the fact that although most of the box is still there, it’s doing very little apart from providing the initial framework for sizing: ie- there’s almost zero structural integrity provided by the box itself.

Although the box is still present, it’s really just a starting point. 

Hardest part: Doing the calculations to be sure I could provide enough power to service the amps in my band. 

What to pay special attention to?

Pay special attention to the calculations. Consult electrical professionals. There is a battery store somewhere in a strip mall not too far from you. Explain what you want to if your wattage and consumption needs are different from mine.

Every time you work with batteries, wear gloves and safety goggles and have some baking soda at hand in case you find yourself at some point down the line dealing with a sulfuric acid leak. Baking soda is a base and will neutralize it.

Also pay special attention to the type of inverter you buy. It has to provide enough regular and peak wattage to service your battery load and be the right voltage to and from.

Special note on the inverter

Also, your inverter should be a pure sine wave inverter. If not, you’ll risk having inconsistent power to your amps. Modified and other sine wave type inverters are fine for power tools and things, but this is for sensitive musical equipment and people will be listening.

Be sure to add up the wattage consumption of the amps / PA you want to power. That’s the first step. Remember that the wattage consumption is different from the wattage delivered. The wattage delivered is the wattage your amp / PA is advertised. The consumption will be listed on the back of the unit near the power plug. Unless you are Lemmy and Motörhead, you probably won’t max out that number.

Also, be sure to grab a battery hoisting strap which they generally give you when they sell you the batteries and carry a crescent wrench to connect and disconnect the cables from the batteries because when you transport the box in a car or something. You’ll need to disconnect / connect or else you won’t be able to lift the cart into / out of your car. I think that’s about it.  

What would you have done differently?

Looking back, I might have just done something cheaper and lower maintenance in terms of the cart and dealt with the consumer guilt of throwing the box away. 🙂 I could have just grabbed the dimensions from the box and tried making it out of a plastic bin; but it’s fine this way.  

~ by Seth Schoenfeld

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A wood + metal round side table from two IKEA items

IKEA SNUDDA meets MARIUS stool to make a round side table.

Our garden’s water tank needed a stand and I was in the market for a large round side table. Unfortunately, most tables I found were either too bulky or expensive.

So I thought I’d hack one. I landed on the IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan as a table top as it was the perfect diameter for the tank (15 inch, or 39 cm).

IKEA items used: 

Marius stool and Snudda lazy susan

MARIUS stool and SNUDDA lazy susan |

Other materials and tools: 

IKEA MARIUS round side table hack

First, using a plier or a socket wrench detach the SNUDDA top from the rotating base. As you’ll only need the top, you can repurpose the ball-bearing base for another project. (A revolving spice tower, perhaps?)

Marius stool and Snudda lazy susan

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Taking the two MARIUS stool leg frames, fix them to each other according to IKEA instructions.

When that’s done, center the MARIUS leg frame on the underside of the SNUDDA lazy susan. Mark where the legs screws should go on the SNUDDA with a pencil.

Use a drill to drill four holes where the markings are. Be careful to use a drill bit that is smaller than the screws. And to drill about halfway through the SNUDDA. These holes are only meant to help you screw the legs to the table top.

Then get some screws that are about 30% longer than the original MARIUS ones. Attach the legs to the SNUDDA and we’re done.

A perfect fit for my water tank.

IKEA round side table

Also works beautifully as a plant stand.

IKEA round side table

See process photos and my complete tutorial here.

~ by Zaga

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Bathroom mat to boho pillow. No sewing needed.

I spotted this luxurious bathroom mat in IKEA and it came in handy for my latest project — a boho pillow.

IKEA Bathmat to boho pillow

The mat is SO soft and fluffy and is perfectly sized for a big cushy floor pillow. And the best part, I didn’t have to sew a thing.

IKEA items used: 
ALMTJÄRN bath mat

ALMTJÄRN bath mat (24×35″) | Buy on

Other materials and tools: 

DIY boho pillow: 

First, gather your materials.

To give the pillow a boho feel I used yarn of different colors, textures and thickness. Once I got my design, I tied them up using the Lark’s head knot. I also braided thick yarn to create texture to the pillow.

Feel free to experiment and try different types of yarn and knotting styles.

Second, stick them to the bath mat.

Using a hot glue gun, I glued the yarn to the mat. The glue dries quickly, so be sure of where you want to stick the strands. Press them down and let them dry thoroughly.

Third, make the pillow insert.

When the front is complete I turned to the back of the mat. I cut a piece of white cotton fabric, larger than the size of the mat.

DIY boho pillow

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Then, I folded the edges of the fabric and glued them along the edges of the mat. I left one side open to fill the pillow with stuffing.

DIY boho pillow

After stuffing it, I glued the last opened edge close.

And the boho pillow is done. So easy!

I use it as a floor pillow in my living room. It’s very plush and comfy.

See the complete tutorial here.

~ by Lena MN at

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Q: How to fix water damaged IKEA particle board?

Water damaged particle board KALLAX: what to do next?

Julia gave a shout for help on our IH Facebook group:

“I need problem solving help.

My daughter was trying to do a good thing and bought two 2×4 KALLAX units off FB for a sick friend.

The units were incredibly dirty, but they were cheap and we were going to clean and disinfect anyway.

However, some of the veneer started to come loose as we loaded the pieces into the truck. It started to rain on the way home, and by then, the veneer pieces were practically sliding off in places.

  • Water damaged particle board KALLAX
  • Water damaged particle board KALLAX

Looking at it, it appears the owners knew there were problems, as there are a couple splotches of hot glue underneath.

Water damaged particle board KALLAX

Some of the scratches swelled from the water exposure too.

Water damaged particle board KALLAX

So… my daughter’s heart is sad and I’m trying to see how we can salvage the situation and fix these units.

I’m not sure what kind of glue to use or precautions we should take. Any advice is greatly appreciated!”

~ by Julia


Hi Julia

KALLAX is made from particleboard. Water is its kryptonite.

The first thing to do is to assess the damage. How severe is the water damage? Are many of the panels swollen and warped?

If so, it may not be worth saving. And your daughter may be better off buying another set of pre-loved KALLAX.

Next, do you have time to let it dry thoroughly? Wet particleboard can easily sag under weight. If not thoroughly dried, it may also provide a fertile ground of mold and mildew. If so, again you may want to discard it.

How to fix water damaged particle board

Let’s say, it’s salvageable. Then this is what I’ll recommend.

First, let it dry thoroughly. Either naturally or use a hairdryer.

Sand down the areas that “bubbled up”, with a fine grit sandpaper. Then use wood filler to repair the surface and other scratches. Sand it down again to smoothen the surface.

For the veneer edges that fell off, try using veneer glue to stick them back on. Remove any residual glue from the veneer strips first. After applying the glue, clamp the strips down to cure. (Follow directions on the product.)

Then, consider refurbishing the KALLAX unit.

You can paint using the sand, prime, paint sequence. (Here’s a guide on how to paint veneer.)

Many readers have successfully used chalk paint on IKEA furniture, with minimal sanding and no primer.

KALLAX painted

KALLAX unit painted with acrylic paint

Alternatively, use other methods to hide the scarring, like contact paper. If you’re handy, you can also wrap it with plywood.

KALLAX with plywood wrap

Expedit with plywood wrap and contact paper on shelves

Hope you found this helpful. Let us know how it turned out.

Happy hacking,


Hacking may compromise the structural integrity of the item, so please be aware of the risks involved before modifying or altering any IKEA product. Alterations and modifications will also void any warranties or return policies you may have received from IKEA. is not liable for any product failure, injury or damage resulting from the application of suggestions, ideas and hacks featured on this site.

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IKEA is releasing its first official apparel: EFTERTRΓ„DA

IKEA has dabbled with streetwear in the past. In 2018, they introduced the limited edition SPÄNST collection in collaboration with Chris Stamp. Then, last year, they snuck in their very own beloved bucket hat. (Available again on IKEA.)

Now, IKEA Japan is debuting the Swedish company’s first official apparel capsule, in a few days time, at its Harajuku branch in Tokyo. There’s no news as to whether the limited edition collection will be released in other markets.


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In a news release, it says, “High end fashion brands have paid homage and brought IKEA’s design to the catwalk, whilst fake logo t-shirts are commonly seen in the streets of Tokyo. Now it’s time for the real thing with the launch of the ‘EFTERTRÄDA Collection’.”


‘EFTERTRÄDA’ means ‘successor’ in Swedish. And it seems to hint at a serious push by the giant furniture company to venture into fashion.

The collection is developed by IKEA Japan, in partnership with IKEA of Sweden. IKEA Japan claims that EFTERTRÄDA is inspired by, and made for, the people of Tokyo.

ikea hoodie

Emblazoned across is the barcode for the BILLY bookshelf.

ikea tshirt

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On top of a t-shirt and a hoodie, the IKEA EFTERTRÄDA Collection also features a tote bag, an umbrella, two bath towels and two water bottles. We can expect more to roll out in the future.

The collection is exclusively available in IKEA Harajuku from July 31st to August 6th. They have yet to announce the prices for the items.

All images courtesy of

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Combining 2 KALLAX for a super useful hallway unit

We wanted a hallway unit to store coats, bags, gloves, hats and all the items we normally lose between seasons.

IKEA item used:

Other materials and tools:

  • 3.6mm single faced ply Oak veneer sheet cut to size (1820mm x 770mm)
  • 4”x1” timber 770mm long
  • Some screws

Hallway unit instructions

Using the ‘inside’ length from the 5×5 KALLAX and the outside smaller “2” end from the 4×2 KALLAX, we created the initial L shape.

KALLAX parts

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Using the provided dowels, add a top and bottom shelf and divider from the 4×2 set.

This will give you 2 boxes, a gap of 3, then 2 boxes.

Once finished, cut down the protruding dowels.

IKEA KALLAX hallway unit

Since this is not structurally sound, screw the 3.6mm veneer ply to the back (Woodshop Direct’s Crown Cut Oak is a great match for IKEA’s White Stained Oak effect)

Once this is done, add the KALLAX doors to the top and the KALLAX shelves to the bottom.

We put the DRÖNA boxes on top to store out of season items.

Screw the 4”x1” timber to the back and screw the KARTOTEK hooks into the timber. (You could of course use any hooks you prefer!)

Add a cushion for comfort.

(You’ll also have enough KALLAX left over for a 5 x 4 Unit)

How long and how much did it cost?
  • KALLAX 5×5 = £150
  • KALLAX 4×2 = £55
  • KARTOTEK 5 Hooks = £10
  • Veneered ply = £41
  • 2 x Doors = £18
  • Shelf inserts (2) = £18
  • 2 x DRÖNA = £6

Total = £300 (But you also get a 5×4 KALLAX Unit!)

What do you like most about the hack?

It’s in keeping with our house and other IKEA furniture. And you can make it wider if you want by getting a 4×3 KALLAX and larger ply board.

I had never seen people combine 2 different KALLAX units together. This has totally changed how I view the furniture now.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Taking the risk the ply would match the IKEA unit … and it did!

What to pay special attention to?

Woodshop direct, cut-to-size and delivered!

Best to anchor it the entire unit to the wall too.

~ by Tony B.

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8 weird things you can hack from IKEA BLANDA BLANK

I hope IKEA will never stop making these versatile stainless steel bowls. The IKEA BLANDA BLANK bowls come in 4 different sizes (5″, 8″, 11″ and 14″) and are great as a mixing bowl, tossing salads and so much more.

IKEA BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl


How much more?

Let’s take a look at some far out hacks for the humble steel bowl.

#1 As a burger cover and cheese melting dome

Nicolaj shows us how to make a burger dome. You’ll need the small 5″ BLANDA BLANK for this. And a door knob, like HEDRA.

IKEA BLANDA BLANK cheese melter

Drill a hole at the base of the bowl and screw in the door knob. And there you have it! A burger dome cheese melter for all your summer grilling.

See how to make and use it in the video below:

#2 Bird feeder bowl

Get two 11″ BLANDA BLANK bowls, a wooden stick to join the two bowls together. And a thinner wooden dowel for the birds to perch on and enjoy the goodies.

stainless steel bird feeder

Add a hook to the top, hang up and watch the birdies. See the tutorial.

#3 Bathroom sink bowl

Get the larger bowl for this hack — either the 11″ or 14″, depending on the size of your vanity.

stainless steel sink bowl

Use an appropriately sized hole saw to cut out the bottom to fit the plumbing hardware. Seal well with silicone adhesive. Read more.


Surprisingly, the IKEA Blanda Blank bowl is a good base for an acoustic Diddley Bow (a single stringed instrument). Yup, you bet. See it here.

#5 An anemometer (wind meter)

An ‘anemometer’ is a device that measures wind speed. You can buy them, but they are usually quite small. With 6 IKEA BLANDA BLANK bowls of varying sizes, you can make a big impressive one. Read more.

wind meter from IKEA BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl
#6 A jellyfish lamp

Too cute aren’t they?

jellyfish light

Unfortunately the IKEA STRANNE lamp is discontinued, but you can replicate the idea with string lights. Read more.

#7 Laser clock
laser clock

A laser clock, made to work with Arduino, laser, servo motors and of course, a BLANDA BLANK Bowl. See the hack.

#8 Stainless steel hanging planter

Get two different sizes of BLANDA BLANK bowls. Drill slots with a Dremel for the leather strips to pass through.

IKEA BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl hanging planter

Stitch the strips together to hold the top bowl in position. Then, repeat with the second bowl. See the hack.

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DIY wooden wine glass rack to fit the IKEA IVAR

So I needed extra wine glass storage, due to the increase in my wine drinking in the time of COVID. I decided to build a wooden wine glass rack onto my IKEA IVAR shelves

I had a couple of IVAR cabinet doors left over from a bookcase I made. So I used the strips of wood from the back of the cabinet doors, and a spare piece of 12x140mm pine. 

IVAR door

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DIY wooden wine glass rack for IVAR

First, I cut the 12x140mm pine into three to make five 29 cm lengths.

Next, I cut the ends off the IVAR support pieces. Then attached all the IVAR ends to the pine lengths. 

DIY wooden wine glass rack

The last step is to screw the pieces onto the underside of an IVAR shelf. You could also do this using T-moulding, if you have that lying around. 

attach to shelf

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I admit I am not the most accurate of hackers. So I placed the wine glasses onto the underside of the shelf to work out how to measure the distance between the lengths.

I just happen to have a few smaller Champagne flute bases than the standard 7cm wine glass bases. So I made one of my rows thinner to accommodate them.

But you can adjust the width to whatever glasses you have. Just be aware to leave space for the IVAR supports that the shelves rest on, and give the width between rows a few extra mm.

Some of my rows ended up just a little tight, probably because I cut the pine lengths with a jigsaw and they were not dead straight. 

But my IVAR wooden wine glass rack turned out pretty functional in the end. 

DIY wooden wine glass rack

Now to stock up the bar shelves. 🙂 

~ by Jo S 

Shop the IKEA IVAR system on

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4 ways to use the EKET cube as a bedroom nightstand

Over at our FB group, Shaunna asked, “Has anyone used the EKET cube in bedrooms as side tables (or a nightstand)?”

She posted the photo below as reference.

EKET cube nightstand

Source: Unknown

Yes, we definitely have done that.

And so, let us show you a few popular ways to use the EKET cube as a nightstand. Let’s go!

EKET cube

EKET cabinet |

#1 Wall mounted EKET cube nightstand

The first is to wall mount the cube next to the bed, as per the inspiration photo. IKEA also recommends it.

EKET cube nightstand


If you find the cube too large for small bedside items, add a shelf across it. We have a hack for this.

divider shelf

IKEA has also introduced drawers for the EKET. So that’s a nice option if you prefer closed storage.

eket with drawers


Since the EKET is a actually a LEGO system disguised as furniture, it opens up a lot of different combinations. Like so:

wall mounted EKET combination
EKET cube nightstand


Are we getting somewhere?

Awesome. Let’s get to the next method.

#2 With feet or wheels

IKEA sells an underframe and metal legs to match the EKET range.

EKET cube nightstand

You could also opt for casters to make a rolling cube nightstand.

rolling bedside table

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Or attach any other legs you fancy. Like this one with hairpin legs.

EKET cube nightstand
#3 Double it up

If the cube is too small, the EKET comes in a larger version. Like this by @mister_univers. Lovely with hairpin legs and a splash of paint on the drawer fronts.

#4 Drop down door

Just a reorientation of the EKET cabinet with door and voilà, cute side table and cabinet. Linda & Louise painted the EKET and pasted vintage wallpaper on the cabinet front and insides. See more on Pretty Pegs.

nightstand with vintage wallpaper

Credit: @jockeono via Pretty Pegs

Have we got you excited? Here’s what you can do next.

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Make a beautiful and affordable Guitar Humidor

A guitar humidor cabinet hack to maintain and display your instrument beautifully.

If you own a decent guitar you might be tempted to hang it on a wall for ease of access and decoration. However, guitars need consistent humidity levels, and most of us don’t have humidity controlled rooms … So the default is to keep your beautiful instrument hidden in its case.

A guitar humidor is an elegant solution – but they can cost upwards of $2000 – way out of my budget.

I looked around for quite a while before I realized I could hack a standard IKEA display cabinet to build an attractive and functional guitar humidor for around $280.

My hacked IKEA guitar humidor cabinet maintains a consistent 48% – 50% humidity level even when the ambient room humidity is below 40%.

It allows easy access to the guitar, lets me admire the guitar when not in use, and my guitar case goes out of sight into a closet. Thanks IKEA!

Guitar Humidor cabinet IKEA Hack
Guitar Humidor cabinet IKEA Hack
Steps to Success:

This hack is for a single guitar – but you may be able to wedge two guitars inside depending on their dimensions and how you install their hangers.

Step 1:

Purchase an IKEA HAVSTA glass door cabinet, 31 7/8” x 13 3/4” x 48 3/8″ (item # 104.151.98), which is tall enough to contain a standard guitar and has glass doors for admiring your investment. $195.a) The HAVSTA line is modular, so if you have the cash you can incorporate this into a larger wall
unit with a base cabinet or shelves, bookshelves, and other options. Up to you. The remainder
of these instructions are for the guitar cabinet only.

i. If you only want the display case, invest in the base kit. $20.

b) This is a solid wood product (yes, it’s the typical IKEA glued-up construction, but it’s real wood), except for the back panel, which is a thin pressed board material. We’ll deal with that later.

c) I chose gray, but they come in brown-black and white as well. If you’re motivated, you could repaint…or if you’re really motivated, strip and restain all the pieces to the color of your choice prior to assembly. If this is you, have fun.

Step 2:

Do the IKEA build thing. During main cabinet assembly, pause after installing the back panel.

a) Hack Alert! Apply a bead of silicone to the interior seams of the main cabinet walls, ceiling, floor, and back. This will seal the static components of the cabinet. $5.

seal the edges
Step 3:

The doors represent the biggest sealing challenge. Before installing the cabinet doors, apply foam weatherstripping to the outer edge of the cabinet doors. This stuff is pretty cheap, so buy a couple different sizes. $5.

a) This will seal the gap between the outer door edge and the cabinet walls – one of the biggest offenders.

foam weather strips
Step 4:

Install the hinges and cabinet doors, but do not complete the hinge adjustments yet.

a) Do not install the lower or upper metal door stops.

Step 5:

Hack Alert! Repurpose one of the included interior shelves to provide a horizontal seal at the top and bottom of the glass doors.

a) Using a handsaw, cut the long sides of the shelf away from the short sides. This should give you two long slim boards of the exact length required (thanks IKEA!). Discard the short pieces.

cut guide

b) Critical Step – take your time here. Glue / clamp the slim boards to the bottom and top of the cabinet at a depth that will allow the doors to close tightly against them when properly adjusted.

sealing the doors
sealing the doors

i. IMPORTANT: the slim boards should be exactly parallel to the front edge of the cabinet for a consistent horizontal seal.
ii. I set mine 20mm back from the cabinet edge, which seemed about right, but the hinge adjustments let you fudge this a little.
iii. You may want to have a partner help you play around with this step before gluing – once you do this you’re stuck (pun intended).

c) If you’re unmotivated or don’t have a saw, you could simply glue the entire shelf to the top and bottom of the cabinet – but this is inelegant, and I know you’re not that person.

Step 6:

Hack Alert! Install a thin board to cover the door-to-door (center) gap. Cut to match the vertical space between the slim boards you just installed (i.e. should not extend the full height of the doors).

Glue the board to the inside face of one door so that the other door overlaps when closed.

a) I used a 1/4” x 2 1/2” x 48” board from Lowes. $4.

Guitar Humidor cabinet IKEA Hack

b) I used some spray paint primer to give my board a gray color similar to the cabinet prior to install. Not an exact match but you can’t see it when the doors are closed.

Guitar Humidor cabinet IKEA Hack
Step 7:

Adjust door hinges (per instructions) to maximize door-to-slim board contact and minimize the door-to-door center gap.

a) This can take some time to get right, so go slow and don’t get frustrated. If you’re reading this, you’re already winning at life.

b) Additional weatherstripping could be applied here, but I got mine to seal adequately without it.

Step 8:

Safety Alert! IKEA recommends screwing the cabinet to a wall to prevent tip-over. This isn’t an issue in my household, so I simply covered the anchor holes with duct tape applied to the rear side of the back panel. If you want to screw it into a wall, follow the directions but seal the screws from
the inside of the cabinet with silicone.

Step 9:

Install a guitar hanger of your choice. $10 – $25. This is where you can customize the installation based on your specific needs.

Some options:

a) My choice: Install a standard guitar wall hanger screwed to the back of the cabinet at the appropriate height for your guitar.

i. Hack Alert! Since the cabinet back is thin pressboard, install a 3/4” x 3 1/2” board on the back of the cabinet to properly support your guitar’s weight. I used a combination of glue and two pocket screws to secure this board which runs vertically down the center line of the cabinet back. The bottom screw is the most important since the torque of the guitar’s weight wants to push the bottom of the board away from the cabinet. $5.

hanging the guitar

b) Other options: Install a guitar ceiling hanger screwed to the top of the cabinet (solid wood), or use a screw-in plant hanger and a leather strap to hang the guitar from the cabinet top (solid wood).

c) Or … Simply lean the guitar inside the cabinet with appropriate support / cushion material where needed. I think a hanger is more secure, but you do you.

Step 10:

Install a humidification mechanism.

a) I used a Musik Tent Reservoir that sits in the bottom corner of my cabinet. Low maintenance and can be adjusted to maintain your desired humidity level. $35.

musik tent instrument humidor

b) Guitar case humidifier(s) might work, but they’re designed for much smaller volumes than the magnificent guitar humidor cabinet you just built.

Guitar Humidor cabinet IKEA Hack
Step 11:

Repurpose the two remaining interior shelves and glass inserts. Picture frames? Display case for thick items? Get creative…don’t throw them out!

Guitar Humidor Parts List

Total cost (my build): $279

~ by Jason Anderson

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These cut down wall shelves completed her kitchen wall

We liked the elegant design of the LISABO wall shelf but they were too deep. In the kitchen, we preferred shallower shelves.

Here’s what we did to turn them into our ideal kitchen open shelf.

IKEA items used: 

LISABO wall shelf | Buy on

Other materials and tools: 

IKEA LISABO kitchen shelves instructions: 

Cut shelf to shallower size. We chose 12 cm. (The original width of the LISABO is 30 cm.)

Using the cut off portion as a guide, mark and drill holes at the back of the cut shelves. Attach the vertical brackets as per IKEA instructions.

lisabo kitchen shelf

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Then, hang as usual, using wall fixings appropriate for your wall. Besides using wall fixings, we chose to glue the shelves to the wall as well.

We decided to add extra adhesion as we foresee the shelves getting a lot of use. 

lisabo kitchen shelf

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How long and how much did it cost?

It took 2 hours with a friend who is a carpenter. 1 hour per shelf. Total €100.

What do you like most about the hack?

It completed the vision of my kitchen.

What to pay special attention to?

Be very careful when cutting as the centre has a lattice structure.

lisabo kitchen shelf

The best is to cut the shelf with a band saw.

~ by Áine Ivers

About the LISABO wall shelves

The IKEA LISABO wall shelves can be hung in different positions to suit your style. The brackets may be placed under or over the shelf.

You can also buy several and do both.

IKEA demonstrates this with brackets beneath the first three shelves. The last one is placed above the shelf to create a larger shelving space.

With the rounded edges and contours, they look great as open shelves for the kitchen.

Get it on

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Make a cute straw bag for less than €13

I made this round straw bag from two IKEA place mats. Perfect for summer.

IKEA Items:
SOARÉ place mats

SOARÉ place mat |

Other materials:
  • Jute string
  • Felt
  • Handles

All bought in a bazaar.

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Place mats cost €8. The handles cost €3.50, felt €0.60 and jute €0.75

To join the two place mats I cut a strip of felt about 8 cm wide and I glued strips of jute strings on to it. This makes it a better match to the straw place mats.

Then, I glued the felt around the place mats and sewed both pieces together. I repeated this with the other place mat.

DIY straw bag - IKEA hack

The handles are sewn onto the place mats. You can also make your own handles out of jute strings.

And that’s it! Straw bag done.

~ by Rosa

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Q: IKEA SEKTION legs to clear heating baseboards?

The goal: to gain closet storage in our master bedroom via SEKTION cabinets.

The problem: we have baseboard hot water heating running along the only wall to place the cabinets. The baseboard heating system is 8.5” from floor along the wall. This means the IKEA SEKTION legs that come with the cabinets will not work. Also, we can’t use rear legs – only front.


We do have an idea … but, anyone with experience with this?

The idea: wall mount the SEKTION cabinets with rail as normal. However, attach Pretty Peg 9.1” legs to the fronts of the cabinets only. This will put the cabinets above the heating unit, allow heat to still radiate in the room, and still use the railing.

Related: IKEA Kitchen Cabinets are great as wardrobes. Here’s proof.

The problem with the idea: Perhaps more than I have envisioned, but the main issue being how will the legs look with no toe kick and there will be no room (very little room?) to adjust the legs to ensure level.

The picture below show what we are working around (heating and window). The blue marks on the wall note where the cabinets end and start.

bedroom space for closet
IKEA items used:

SEKTION cabinets

  • 15x24x80” tall cabinets x 2
  • 30x24x80 tall cabinets x 2
  • 30x24x30” drawers x 2
  • 15x24x30” drawers x 1
Other items:

This photo is the IKEA Kitchen Planner creation.


Hoping someone out there has done something this crazy or near this idea to gain some insight and help! Even just leg changing would be incredibly helpful!!

Thank you!

~ by Maggie G


Hi Maggie

I love the IKEA SEKTION / METOD range — it is so versatile and a great choice for bedroom storage.


Firstly, regarding legs. If you use the suspension rail to hold up the back of the cabinets, legs are only needed for the front. I would highly recommend using the suspension rail to avoid having the tall cabinets tip over.

Furthermore, do check with Pretty Pegs whether their leg bracket holes align to the ones already pre-drilled in the SEKTION cabinets. If they do, it will save you a bit of hassle making new holes. I believe Pretty Pegs can also advise you on level adjustments.

Secondly, the toekick. I believe the cabinets will look great without the plinth. Just like a regular cabinet with legs. For example, these Superfront legs on two METOD (non-USA version of the IKEA kitchen) cabinets. Look fab, don’t they? I’m sure your choice of the Carl 230 will look great too.

METOD and Superfront

Photo: Superfront

Lastly, I would advise checking with the manufacturer of the heating system on the clearance required for heat dissipation, if any. IKEA has taller SEKTION legs like this 14 ½” support leg, if required.


SEKTION support leg |

Good luck on the build and do update us when it’s all done. Would love to see it.

Happy hacking,


Hacking may compromise the structural integrity of the item, so please be aware of the risks involved before modifying or altering any IKEA product. Alterations and modifications will also void any warranties or return policies you may have received from IKEA. is not liable for any product failure, injury or damage resulting from the application of suggestions, ideas and hacks featured on this site.

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First sighting of LEGO IKEA collab – BYGGLEK

After the IKEA-LEGO collab announcement two years ago, we finally get a glimpse of the finished product, called LEGO BYGGLEK.

An IKEA store in Germany was too excited about the beloved brick range and went to launch early. However, after displaying the products over the weekend, they were promptly removed from the shelves.

lego collaboration

No one knows for sure but rumour has it the official launch will be circa August to October 2020. And we’ll keep you updated when we get official news.


Fortunately for us, they were on display long enough for LEGO fans to snap up some photos. Photos have been cropping up in many LEGO fan sites.

As of now, we know the range consist of 4 items. They are listed below with their tentative prices.

  • Large box: 35 x 26 x 12 cm – 14.99 euros
  • Medium box: 26 x 18 x 12 cm – 12.99 euros
  • Small box x 3: 1 box at 17 x 6 cm and 2 boxes 13 x 6 cm – 9.99 euros
  • LEGO 40357 BYGGLEK brick box: 201 pieces – 14.99 euros
inside of large box

Photo: Rob of BrickTwinTowers via

The large BYGGLEK box measures 35cm x 26cm x 12cm. The removable lid features a stud area while the sides have a small cut-out studded area.

Presumably, the box doubles as brick storage. I wished the boxes came with dividers for better sorting. Perhaps, an accessory later on?

The medium and small boxes feature the same design with only difference in sizes. They appear stackable.


Photo: Thomas via Promobricks

The last item is a parts pack that contains a selection of parts and two minifigures.


Photo: Rob of BrickTwinTowers via


Photo: Thomas via Promobricks

IKEA describes the BYGGLEK range as, “This is not just a simple box with a lid – this is a treasure chest full of tempting game ideas; a house that you can furnish; a staircase, a kit for creative people. And much more if you want.”

What do you think of the IKEA BYGGLEK? Let us know in the comments.

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Γ„PPLARΓ– balcony table extends from 2 to 6 seater

I was looking for a compact table for the balcony (2 seater) to be potentially extended to 4-6 seater.

The options available in the market looked cheap to me. And gateleg tables often end up being uncomfortable as the legs are always in the way while seated (e.g. the ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table).

I decided to hack the big drop leaf ÄPPLARÖ table (taking advantage of the IKEA Family promotion).

You just need a pair of drawer runners and a lot of patience. It took approx. 1 day of work to complete.

The ÄPPLARÖ drop leaf table comes with a handy to hack design. The table top is only screwed to the frame and it is already made in 2 parts.

IKEA items used: 
ÄPPLARÖ drop leaf table

ÄPPLARÖ Drop-leaf table |

Other materials and tools: 

ÄPPLARÖ square extendable balcony table

1. Unscrew and disassemble the table top from the frame. (It is lightly glued too). You have now 2 tops of 70 cm and 2 tops of 60 cm (the extensions). This allows you to create either a 70/140, 70/130, 60/120 combinations.

table tops

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2. Buy a pair of drawer runners. Make sure they are full extension and heavy duty (at least 50 kg). Pick up the dimension according to the table you want to buy. I decided to go for the 70/130 layout and I used 550mm runners.

drawer runners

3. Cut the frame in 2 (according to the layout picked up) and adjust the length of both long parts. You will have to reduce the length of the short part too (according to the depth of the runners you found).

4. Assemble the 2 half frames connecting them with the runners.

ÄPPLARÖ balcony table hack

5. Connect the two table tops (repositioning the hardware the table comes with them). You will have to create a cut out on the frame to allow the moving legs to slide when opening. (I enlarged the existing drop leaf bar hole.)

ÄPPLARÖ balcony table
ÄPPLARÖ balcony table

6. Paint all the cut parts with a similar varnish.

7. Re-assemble the top on the frame. You will have a “squared” table – with the extension hanging on a side. Lift the extension, slide the moving legs and you will have a rectangular table.

ÄPPLARÖ balcony table

Balcony table in closed position

ÄPPLARÖ balcony table

Balcony table in extended position

Extra info:

My original design was to have the legs all placed at the edges of the frame – but the existing hardware did not allow this. I ended up having the moving legs slightly offset. Therefore, I left the fixed frame aligned to the legs in closed position.

My original design was a “book” opening system (for this you have to use same size main top and extension). Unfortunately the bottom face of the IKEA tops is heavily compromised by holes and lots of hardware. Therefore, I ended up having only 1 side of the extension always visible.)

The main top (70 cm) comes with a hole for a parasol. As a result, you will have this on the final product.


Most of the hardware is preassembled and probably was not meant to be touched ever, hence the thread in the wood is really fragile. (I had to add some glue to 3-4 screws as they were loose).

The extra bit:

Using leftover materials and the existing drop leaf guides, I created 2 sliders and a removable shelf.

ÄPPLARÖ balcony table

This is a nice extension for bottles, serving plates, etc. The shelf (currently a mock-up) fits in some holes drilled in the guides.

I have added a magnet to keep it against the table. The same shelf can then be stored under the main table top.

I am planning to design other “accessories” to slide in the guides and click on the magnet (such as a wooden tray and a wooden crate).

shelf extension

~ by Fabrizio

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3 fun ways to use the IKEA KNAGGLIG box

The IKEA KNAGGLIG box is one of my personal favourites. The solid pine box is pretty sturdy and is great for storing larger and heavier things like my tools and paint cans.


KNAGGLIG box | Buy on

Also, a great space saver that lets you stack two boxes on top of one another.



Here are three ways to take the useful IKEA KNAGGLIG box further:

#1 Bright and fun kids bookcase from KNAGGLIG boxes

I wanted to create a unique and colourful bookcase for my son’s birthday and found these KNAGGLIG crates that were screaming for some special treatment. 

IKEA item used: 

The whole process took quite some time, but end result I’m happy with and my son loves it!

IKEA KNAGGLIG box for kids room storage

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1. First fill all the staple holes and wood knot imperfections with wood putty.
2. Sand down to achieve smooth finish.
3. Painted 2 coats of wood knot protector undercoat on each crate section.
4. Spray painted each crate in a different gloss paint.
5. Assemble each crate once completely dried.
6. Join crates together using screws.
7. Fill each section and enjoy!

~ by Helen Clements

#2 IKEA KNAGGLIG box shelf

This is my first hack and it’s a pretty easy one. You just need an IKEA KNAGGLIG Box to turn it into a wall shelf with an additional board! 

1. Start with a KNAGGLIG crate. I used the smaller one.


2. Remove the bottom panel.

remove bottom

3. Divide the panel into two portions of 2/3 and 1/3 sections according to the planks.

cut panel

4. Shorten the smaller plank to match the inside width of the KNAGGLIG crate.

shorten panel

5. Remove the bracket from the discarded section and reattach to the smaller shelf.

reattach bracket

6. Using screws, attach the smaller shelf to the inside of the KNAGGLIG crate.

fix shelf

7. You can then position the larger KNAGGLIG shelf anywhere you want. I decided to place it next to the box shelf.


8. Screw onto the wall with appropriate wall fixings. And it’s all done.

IKEA KNAGGLIG box wall shelf
IKEA KNAGGLIG box wall shelf

~ by Markus

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#3 KNAGGLIG magazine rack + side table

This took me a bit less than 2 hours.

Material List:
Tools used:

1. Assemble one of the KNAGGLIG crates as per instructions.


2. Attach HEJNE end pieces to KNAGGLIG short sides. I used small brad nails salvaged from deconstructed KNAGGLIG crates in other projects.

Hejne end
Hejne end

3. Cut square notches in the upper corners of the long KNAGGLIG sides about 1-1/4 inches square to accommodate the HEJNE pieces at the bottom of the short KNAGGLIG sides.

Hejne inserted

4. Insert the notched sides into the assembled KNAGGLIG.

5. Using four short screws included with the KNAGGLIG, attach the KNAGGLIG bottom to the short sides opposite the HEJNE pieces.

6. Using the four long screws included with the KNAGGLIG, attach the HEJNE pieces to the four corner posts of the assembled KNAGGLIG.

IKEA KNAGGLIG magazine rack side table
IKEA KNAGGLIG magazine rack side table

The dividers are unattached making for flexible sections.

~ by Ren

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