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5 ideas for a quick living room update: 2020 Fresh Start

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update. 

I began the 2020 Fresh Start series with the entryway. Today, let’s focus on the living room and look at some quick hacks and easy ideas to freshen up the space.

#1 Give your old sofa new love

In most living rooms, the centerpiece is the sofa. And if you sofa is looking tired, updating it will deliver a huge impact. It’ll almost feel like walking into new room.

One way to do that is to add detailing.

i) Like tufting

Before …

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update.

And after …

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update.

Tufting tutorial here

ii) Or new legs

Adding a set of new legs is probably the easiest update you can make on your IKEA sofa. There are plenty of stores that sell furniture legs that fit IKEA sofas. Featured below is the ESTELLE from Pretty Pegs.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update.
iii) Even, a new slipcover

Totally change the color of your sofa. It makes a big difference to the room.

Before … A KIVIK two-seater in IKEA’s Hillared dark blue slipcover.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update.

After … KIVIK in Comfort Works Kino Frost.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update.

See the complete sofa makeover

And of course, don’t forget to pick up a few new cushion covers to match your new sofa slipcover. (I like the SKÄGGÖRT, KINNEN and arty ELDTÖREL.)

#2 Hack your rug

If you have a plain rug, give it a pattern to add another layer of visual interest. Here are two ways you can do this:

i) Use a Sharpie for a Beni Ouarain-ish look
DIY a Beni Ouarain rug look alike

Crystal took a Sharpie to her ADUM rug and drew lines across. Best thing is, they don’t have to be perfectly straight. How easy is that. See the tutorial. (ADUM is discontinued, consider the STOENSE instead).

ii) Paint a flatwoven rug

Yes it’s possible to paint your rug. Flatwoven rugs like the LOHALS ($89.99 for a 5’x7′) are pretty affordable. With some patience and a steady hand, you can transform it into an eye-catching rug.

paint your rug
iii) Layer on rugs

Get layers of texture to create a cozy ambience. Here’s a guide on Apartment Therapy on how to nail the layered rug look.

layered rug look

Credit: Studio McGee

To recreate the look in the photo above, how about a KOLDBY hide with a HELLESTED jute rug?

#3 Update your coffee table

Now let’s turn to your coffee table. Pinterest has hundreds of IKEA coffee table transformations, most notably the VITTSJÖ nesting tables spray painted. That’s definitely an easy one to do.

But let’s do more than that.

i) Add a natural element to up the style

If you’re using a basic LACK coffee table, upgrade it into rustic farmhouse style coffee table with a thick wood slab.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your living room a fresh update.
ii) Make it a conversation piece

This LACK side table takes a sharp departure from the original, thanks to stencils and its hollow body (which allows for the planter). See the tutorial.

stencilled LACK side table

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#4 Challenge your wall

If you have a large span of wall in your living room, dressing it up will go a long way towards freshening up your space.

A gallery wall is awesome but can we do more? Definitely.

i) Not shiplap, wood paneling

Raymund used the IKEA TUNDRA laminate flooring on the walls, with such cozy results. See more here.

IKEA TUNDRA laminated flooring on walls
ii) A green wall

Terra create a “green wall” from FEKJA artificial plant squares.

View this post on Instagram

Hellooo there 👋🏻 I didn’t just build cabinets I also magically grew a green wall in the kitchen 🌿💁‍♀️ Inspired by Rachel @banyanbridges I’ve been looking for foliage squares for what feels like FOREVER, only to stumble across some at @ikeasverige the other day! Win win! I obviously didn’t manage to leave without and was able to give this somewhat ignored wall some serious TLC 😄💚👌🏻 . . On another note the opposite side hasn’t progressed much since we’ve been just too tired in the evening to tackle the lamp issues. But there’s always a next week eh? 😀 . . Happy Friday y’all! . . . . . #myeclectichome #jungalowhome #ikeahacks #ikeaideas #kitchendecor #greenwall #fauxfoliage #foliagewall #mygreenhouse #eclectickitchen #ihavethisthingwithboho #womenwhodiy #cornerofmyhome #sassyhomestyle #boldbohemians #urbanjunglehome #walltowallstyle #mybohoabode #makehomematter #earthinspiredhome #ispyraddesign #letsjungelize #köksdrömmar #heyhomehey #myhomevibe #ikeaatmine #eclecticallyspeaking

A post shared by Christin ✨ Terra+Tint | Sweden (@terraandtint) on

iii) DIY wainscoting

Get Rosandra’s trick for adding boiserie or wainscoting to her walls, without the high cost. See it here.

DIY wainscoting IKEA hack

#5 Declutter with small storage

Tidying is the unmistakable route to a “put together” look. But what do you do with all the small items like the many remote controls, chargers, books and reading glasses?

Enter small storage.

i) Make a storage ottoman

Claire made this from a KNAGGLIG crate and old jeans. It keeps all her magazines and knick knacks. See more.

storage ottoman
ii) Get a large tray to corral everything

A KOMPLEMENT pull out tray for the PAX wardrobe works as a super large tray to keep things in one place and organized.

iii) Keep all papers in one spot

Make a cute book or magazine stand like this:

book bin DIY

Credit: Caroline Burke via Hunker

You’ll need to IKEA BULLIG box, 12″ hairpin legs, plywood as dividers and some nuts and bolts. See the tutorial here.

What are your ideas for a quick living room update?

And that’s my 5 quick tips and ideas for a living room update. What about you? What is your one go-to tip you can share with our readers?

Hope you’re inspired to give your living room a jiffy refresh this weekend.

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Love tea? You’ll go crazy over this IKEA tea table

We decided to convert the IKEA LIATORP coffee table into a tea table because we couldn’t find a tea box that was big enough to store our different teas.

We were also looking for a tea box with room for loose tea. In this IKEA tea table, there is that space in the middle of each compartment.

IKEA LIATORP coffee table

LIATORP coffee table |

wood strips

How we made our IKEA tea table

The LIATORP coffee table has storage drawer underneath the glass table top. It comes in 4 separate compartments to help you keep things organized.

But the space in each section was still too large to properly divide our selection of teas. And tea bags would get jumbled up.

So this is how we divided each compartment:

Each compartment has dividers made of thin wood strips: 2 dividers at 37.5 centimeters and 2 dividers at 42 centimeters.

The longest boards have 2 notches, 7 centimeters from each end. The short boards have 2 notches at 7.5 centimeters from each end. (The reason for this is that tea bags are not square but rectangular).


You slide the boards together (just as you can slide two half Christmas trees together) on the notches. It makes an almost-square frame (42 x 38 centimeters) that fits in the compartment.

Then, there are 10 individual smaller dividers per compartment (to make separate tea compartments) which are 5 x 7.5 centimeters.

rounded edge

You glue the smaller dividers against the long boards. Each corner is finished with a rounded corner. Each section in the table has 36 rounded corners of 5 centimeters.

glueing process

You need 159 centimeters (long boards) + 75 centimeters (smaller dividers) = 234 centimeters of boards per compartment.

For the 4 compartments together that is 936 centimeters (rounded 10-meter board x 5 centimeters wide).

The rounded corners are 180 centimeters per section. In total that is 720 centimeters.

IKEA Tea table with dividers
IKEA Tea table with dividers
IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers

After glueing everything, we sandpapered away the rough edges and varnished the dividers.

IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers

We organized tea bags in the smaller sections and loose leaf tea in RAJTAN spice jars.

IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers
ikea liatorp tea table
Cost and time?

I don’t remember the costs.

Thinking, drawing and measuring took by far the most time. It took about a day to saw and glue everything. The glue has to dry for at least 24 hours. And then another day for the varnish to dry.

The IKEA LIATORP was, in the first place, a good and practical side table. But now, it is an eyecatcher.

IKEA LIATORP tea table with dividers

All of our guests are excited about it. We love to drink tea. And now that we’ve everything in plain sight, we remember to pick different flavours. Before, we drank the same sort of tea every day. Boring 😉

~ by Maartje and Gaby, the Netherlands

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Q: How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving?

I came across IKEAhackers whilst searching for help to my problem. Like many people before me, I’ve designed a fabulous IKEA PAX floor to ceiling wardrobe only to now discover that the ceiling coving actually protrudes in the shape of an arc.

And so the H236 cm (approx. 92″) wardrobe will now not fit flush, unless I move the wardrobe away from the back and side wall by a couple of inches.

How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving

Now, this is not ideal as the room is small. And I don’t like the idea of using an infill, so I am considering how to alter and cut the back and sides of the PAX wardrobe carcass to fit.

Any ideas on how to do this would be most welcome.



Hi Essie

In most PAX setups where it’s flush against the wall, the ceiling coving is removed to accommodate the PAX frame. Then, replaced around the top of the wardrobe for the built-in closet look. Like so.

built in walk in closet ikea wardrobe

See Erin’s stunning built-in walk-in closet

Cut PAX wardrobe to fit ceiling coving

If for any reason, you can’t remove it (renting?), here’s a tutorial for a PAX cut to fit a sloping ceiling. (Or this one.) It will offer some handy tips on what you need to prepare to cut your PAX frames.

The holes for the screws and bolts tend to be situated near the top corners of the PAX frame. They should not be removed or the wardrobe will be wobbly or worst, can’t be installed correctly.

Rather than risk that, I would rather attempt to shorten the base (pix below, in orange), rather than cut the top to fit the cove. The PAX wardrobe would look stumpier, but it will still work perfectly.

How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving

PAX frame |

The base is approximately 7cm in height. You could reduce it to 1cm or 2cm depending on the arc.

Taking a look at the assembly manual, the cut should be below the pre-drilled holes for the cam lock screws.

How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving

I hope this idea works out for you.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


Hacking may compromise the structural integrity of the item, so please be aware of the risks involved before modifying or altering any IKEA product. Alterations and modifications will also void any warranties or return policies you may have received from IKEA. is not liable for any product failure, injury or damage resulting from the application of suggestions, ideas and hacks featured on this site.

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How to hang the BEKVΓ„M spice rack without drilling holes

No drilling, no mess, renter-friendly … hang it up without making a single hole.

I wanted to add a spice rack to my kitchen, but the backsplash is all made of solid glass in which is impossible to drill holes.

When I saw the BEKVÄM spice rack from IKEA, I had an idea of sticking the shelf to the glass with some 3M Command adhesive stripes.

IKEA BEKVAM spice rack

However it didn’t go as smoothly as I envisioned.

After several tries with different type of glue-on stripes, a fallen rack and a broken spice jar, I finally found out that the 3M Command sawtooth picture hangers fit perfectly in the BEKVÄM screw slots!

Each 3M Command adhesive stripe with the hook can hold up to 4 pounds (1.8 kg). They adhere well to a variety of surface including painted walls, and can be removed without any damage by stretching them to release the adhesive. They are a wonderful and strong product and a perfect solution to avoid drilling holes in the walls!

  • 3M sawtooth picture hanger
  • 3M sawtooth picture hanger

How to hang it without drilling

1. Using a screwdriver, flip the slots on the back of the spice rack so that the big hole is on top.

ikea spice rack hang without drilling

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2. Insert the 3M hooks in the slots and apply the supplied adhesive stripe. Apply pressure for 30 seconds.

ikea spice rack hang without drilling

3. Peel back the adhesive and stick the spice rack to the wall while making sure it’s level. Apply pressure for 30 seconds.

ikea spice rack hang without drilling

4. Remove the spice rack from the hooks and wait for an hour before hanging the spice rack.

ikea spice rack hang without drilling

And that’s how you hang up a BEKVÄM spice rack without drilling. Hope you found this tip useful.

ikea spice rack hang without drilling

~ by Maxime, Montreal, Canada

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Hide the hallway mess with 3 of these

Don’t stop at shoe storage in the hallway. With some well-placed cabinets, you can fit in so much more.

Ever wondered what to do with all the shoes and ancillary clutter that ends up in your hallway (shopping bags, dog leads, paperwork)?

Here’s a nifty solution! Why have just one shoe cabinet, when you can have three? And, therefore, stop a load of trips upstairs to find the right pair of shoes for your dog walk/ shopping trip that day?

I’ve just moved home from a cavernous Victorian house to a designer new build. The new house is fabulous, but doesn’t have all those cupboards I’d become used to, but not only that, no mantelpiece for the rogues’ gallery!

So, I’ve put the two together. I’ve used the bland expanse of useless wall and made a feature out of it, as well as essential storage space.

IKEA item used:
IKEA STALL shoe cabinet

STÄLL shoe cabinet with 4 compartments |

My shoeless storage hallway

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I started with three STÄLL shoe cabinet, but didn’t use the legs. (Just omit attaching the leg frame, which is Step 13 – 21 in the assembly manual.) I’ve hung them on the wall to give the feeling  of more space.

Meanwhile, the ugly new radiator got a cover. I was keen to fit it with the shoe cupboards so they look like they’re meant to go together.

The radiator cover was made from a single piece of MDF. I cut out the hole in the middle and allowed for a vent gap at the top that emulated the handles of the shoe cupboards.

radiator cover

Next, I went to my local sheet metal dealer and bought an off cut of square mesh which I sprayed silver to match the handles. This is attached to the back of the cover with cable clips.

radiator cover with mesh vent

Related: Help! How to wall mount the STÄLL shoe cabinet?

It was tricky to work out how to attach it and still allow it to be removed for radiator maintenance. But I got there with some brackets which I could access from the top vent hole.

The main cut out bit (centre) is edged with an edging timber to hide my wobbly cutting. Around the top hole, I’ve used silver worktop edging to match the shoe cupboard handles.

  • opening
  • opening

Meanwhile, for the ‘mantelpiece’, I got the local timber merchants to cut a length of timber which I’ve sprayed and varnished.

shoe storage hallway with IKEA STALL shoe storage with 4 compartments

I already had four NISSEDAL Mirrors from my old house which I’ve mounted above the cabinets which fortunately fit in perfectly!

More views of my shoe storage hallway.

  • shoe storage hallway with IKEA STALL shoe storage with 4 compartments
  • shoe storage hallway with IKEA STALL shoe storage with 4 compartments
  • shoe storage hallway with IKEA STALL shoe storage with 4 compartments
  • shoe storage hallway with IKEA STALL shoe storage with 4 compartments

The puppy is optional.

~ by Josie Guinness

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Earring Holders: 7 ideas to organise your giant collection

It’s a new year and what better time than now to get your earring collection sorted. Here are 7 easy to DIY earring holders for hanging earrings.

#1 Memo board made for earrings

I have a LOT of earrings, as you can see (these are only my long post earrings!), and standard size earring holders were just too small and cramped.

I wanted something with enough space for everything and room for my collection to grow.

It took about ten minutes to do as it is a simple repurposing, but very effective in my opinion. I love the way it looks, and it was so simple to do.

I will be making a holder for my stud earrings from an IKEA picture frame and some mesh, to compliment the larger one.8

Items used:
earring holders diy

Simply fix the board to a wall or door (in my case a door) as per instructions, and instead of adding memos, hang long post earrings from the holes in the mesh! Make sure the board is secure in all four corners.

~ Amanda

#2 Minimalist removable earring holder

I chose to hack the MACKAPÄR into earring holders because I have a very large earring collection. I wanted something minimalist and removable. The cost was under $20.

IKEA item used:
mackapar shoe rack

MACKAPÄR shoe rack |

Other tools and materials:
  • Drill
  • Screw in L hooks
  • Wall plugs

Instructions for large DIY earring holders:

Use the shoe plates in the MACKAPÄR, legs are not necessary. I mounted them horizontally and used the small holes on the side.

Ensure the L hooks fit the small holes on the side (see picture). If they do not, enlarge with the drill.

drill hole

I mounted mine to drywall so wall plugs were required. Drill holes in the wall, knock in the wall plugs and screw in the L hooks.

The hardest part was matching the hook length and strength with the hole size. Similar hooks could work well. And if it being removable is not important, then the earring holder could be screwed directly to the wall.

IKEA MACKAPÄR earring holders for a giant earring collection

~ by Ari Kennedy

#3 Purse rack and earring holder
jewelry holder

I mounted a Grundtal Paper Towel Rack on the wall in my closet to hang my earrings on for easy access. It also holds a clutch handbag or two. See the earring and purse rack.

~ by Katelyn

#4 Open and close earring display
open and close earring display

Nina used the RIBBA frame and hinges to create a one-of-a-kind earring display case. See the tutorial here.

~ by Nina

#5 Frame up your earrings
frame up earring

I wanted something fancy to store my tons of earrings, and it would have to fit into my old fashion de viennese pseudo baroque room. I thought the Ung Drill was just perfect for this purpose. See more of the earring picture frame.

~ by Agnes

#6 From office to earring organizer
earring holders

Having lots of hook earrings I was looking for somewhere to hang then cause they always get tangled into each other. I had seen the mesh system stapled into a picture frame but I didn’t feel like crafting. A quick scan on my office and I found the perfect solution. A DOKUMENT letter tray. See the quick and easy earring organizer.

~ by Ingrid

#7 Cheap and easy earring display
earring display

This hack is great for someone like me who loves to own a lot of earrings and need something to display them out neatly without costing too much.

The TOLSBY is an excellent choice for earring display at home and for product selling, I have used this display for my local craft fairs to great effect. See the TOLSBY earring display.

~ by Jen

This post was first published on February 12, 2019. It has been updated.

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Look ma! A working sink on my DUKTIG play kitchen

Finally! A working sink with running water for the IKEA play kitchen.

Justin’s 2 year old daughter goes to a Montessori-style preschool during the week, and the first thing she does upon arrival is walk over to the sink, dispense some soap, and wash and dry her hands all by herself.

Which prompted the thought — if she can do this on her own at school, there must be a way to make the same thing possible at home.

They were gifted a DUKTIG play kitchen last year. All the parts, as we know, are for play and nothing actually works.

Justin figured the toy faucet and basin were easy to remove and modify into a real working sink. And he did.

DUKTIG play kitchen with working sink

Yes! That’s running water.

IKEA item used:
Other materials:

Working sink for the DUKTIG play kitchen

Basically, you’ll need to remove the faucet from the DUKTIG and replace it with the electronic pump faucet.

Then, make a hole a the bottom of the sink for the water to drain.

drainage hole

The tubing for the pump goes into a hole drilled into the side of the 2-gallon jug.

DUKTIG play kitchen with working sink

Now for the drainage. This option drains the water back into the jug. Probably not the best in terms of cleanliness but it requires less maintenance.

Justin also lays out a second option with two tanks (one for clean water and one for drainage) on his blog.

And that’s all you need to do. Turn on the switch and watch it happen!

DUKTIG play kitchen with working sink

Hop over to Justin’s blog to see the full tutorial.

You may also like these DUKTIG hacks

#1 Digital timer that works

This modified IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen has a working digital kitchen timer (and shows the current time, when not counting down). In the end, it actually beeps! Did I mention that the oven is lit during the countdown? See the hack here.

#2 Play fridge to go with the kitchen

My daughter loves her DUKTIG play kitchen, and was always asking for a fridge, which IKEA doesn’t sell. Figuring out how to hack a play fridge was the hard part, afterwards assembly was done in roughly 30 minutes. See the DUKTIG play fridge here.

#3 Unusual ideas for the DUKTIG

The DUKTIG is quite the blank canvas and you can easily transform it into a myriad of play experiences. For the more adventurous, here are a few ideas to inspire you to hack it into something much more than a play kitchen. See all 6 DUKTIG play kitchen ideas.

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Question: How do I recreate this entryway storage?

Barnes Abby asked on the IH FB group, “I found this pic for an entryway storage inspiration.

Source: Pinterest

Does anyone have suggestions on what IKEA pieces I could use to create something similar?”

Humphrey had a solid suggestion:

“I think a combination of the shallow depth kitchen cabinets from METOD/ SEKTION plus 4 pieces of the oak worktop RÅSUNDA (or GERTON in beech) cut to size. The MOSSLANDA picture ledge will make the shelves on the right. Apart from the built-in lights, the only thing is a white worktop for that tall cabinet. I think you can find a similar size kitchen cabinet door for that.”

Entryway storage idea board

Taking Humphrey’s suggestion, these would probably be the kitchen components I’ll play around with until I get the perfect fit.

entryway storage plan

From left to right:

SEKTION kitchen cabinets:
Other items:

Florian shared her similar project, using METOD cabinets. Barnes’ inspo picture is definitely doable with IKEA kitchen cabinets, be it SEKTION or METOD.

To tackle a project like this the IKEA Home Planner is your best tool. Take the measurements for the space (height and width will do for this) and enter them into the Planner.

Then add the kitchen cabinet frames until you get your desired configuration. After you’ve settled on the frames, add doors, shelf and drawer combinations, handles, legs and plinth (if required).

You can switch from line drawing to 3D. It will give you a pretty good idea of how it will turn out.

Save your project. Print out the Floor Plan, Item List/ Price and take it to your local IKEA. I would advise getting the IKEA Kitchen Planner to give it a final go over to ensure you have all the things you need in the list, especially the smaller things like hinges, dampeners and suspension rails, etc.

I think it will look awesome.

Happy hacking,


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Ruth’s upcycled DIY ottoman is a win for her living room

If you have an old foam mattress you no longer need, upcycle it into a delightful DIY ottoman.

I wanted a pouffe for my living room but couldn’t afford to buy one.

And I had an old IKEA foam mattress sitting behind my couch, taking up room.

I was going to dump it when I thought of using it for this project.

It was a win-win. I had my pouffe ottoman and “got rid” of the spare mattress in one project. 

IKEA items used: 

Other materials and tools: 

  • Pallet wood
  • Scrap wood
  • Jigsaw
  • Pruning saw
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Marker
  • Nails

DIY pallet ottoman instructions:

1. Cut pallet to size with a jigsaw.

pallet wood

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2. Then, cut scrap wood to size and nail to bottom of pallet creating a frame to staple fabric to.

pallet frame
pallet frame

3. Measure top of pallet and cut foam mattress to fit. I used a pruning saw for this as the mattress was very thick. I used a double layer of foam for comfort and sturdiness. 

measuring the foam
double layer of foam

4. Place foam on top of pallet and position bedsheet on top so that there’s enough fabric to go under the pallet. This will be stapled to the bottom and form an under-layer.

DIY ottoman pouf

Draw a rough outline of foam on the sheet and then flip the whole lot –sheet on the floor, mattress on top, pallet on top of mattress. I had help from my cats for this step! 🙂 

DIY ottoman pouf

5. Staple the sheet to one side of the pallet, then pull tight and staple to the opposite side. Do the same for the remaining 2 sides. Tuck in and trim fabric for the corners (this can be a bit tricky!). 

DIY ottoman pouf

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DIY ottoman pouf ikea

6. Flip the ottoman over and make sure fabric is tight and even. Now do the same for the fabric you will use as the final covering.

Kristine Mandsberg fabric

I used the stunning pink fabric with hands and birds by Kristine Mandsberg, which I got in IKEA several years ago. I had been using it as a backdrop to my bed but changed my decor and it sat in the cupboard for years before being used for this ottoman.

DIY ottoman pouf ikea
DIY ottoman pouf ikea

7. The final step which I have yet to do is to find and attach feet to the ottoman, however it functions perfectly without them. 

DIY ottoman pouf ikea with Kristine Mandsberg fabric for IKEA
How long and how much did it cost? 

About 8 hours total and cost €5 for the staples! I had everything else at home.

What do you like most about the DIY ottoman? 

The fabric I used is like a piece of art and the ottoman is sturdy and comfortable enough to be used as extra seating.

What was the hardest part about this hack? 

Folding the fabric for the corners!

DIY ottoman pouf ikea with Kristine Mandsberg fabric for IKEA
What to pay special attention to? 


I’m delighted with how it turned out. And I’ve received lots of lovely compliments and a request to make some for others! 

~ by Ruth O’Sullivan 

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30 min hack turns IKEA storage stool into printer stand

Useful IKEA storage stool gets new life as printer stand or bedside table.

I hacked the Item because since we bought it 7 years ago, it had been used as a plant box, a side table, hamper, etc.

And now, I needed a bedside table.

But as it was, it wasn’t much useful because it had no place to store things like books and other things.

After studying it for a bit, I found a way to add a “shelf nook” into the stool itself. I modified it within 20-30 mins.

It didn’t cost additional money aside from the original cost when I bought the product.

It’s pretty easy to do and you’ll end up with a new bedside table or printer stand.

IKEA item used:
  • IKEA Molger Storage Box
IKEA Molger storage stool
Tools needed:
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • A couple of screws (optional)
  • Sandpaper or file for making the edges smooth

IKEA MOLGER bedside table / printer stand

The whole idea of this hack is to remove one of the panels and repurpose it into a shelf.

The first step is to set aside the bottom panel, if you have it already assembled, which you’ll need when you put it all together.

Then, remove the side panel (without the bottom edge) from the stool.


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Make the cuts with a handsaw where shown.


You should now have 3 pieces. File down the cut edges. You’ll not be needing the middle piece with 1 slat.


Install the top piece back into the stool.

top panel

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top panel

Now for the bottom panel. It should be at the same height as the legs of the stool.

bottom panel

Mark where you would need to drill.


Attach the bottom piece to the two legs.

IKEA MOLGER printer stand

Replace the bottom panel into the MOLGER stool.

IKEA MOLGER printer stand

And there you have it. A storage stool turned bedside table …

IKEA MOLGER printer stand
IKEA MOLGER printer stand

… or an distinctly IKEA printer stand.

IKEA MOLGER printer stand
IKEA MOLGER bedside table /  printer stand
What to pay attention to?

Pay attention to which side you are cutting and how to assemble the pieces.

I hope someone will find it useful too.

~ by Cary Uy


Explore the MOLGER range on (The MOLGER storage stool is discontinued.)

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8 IKEA ideas to update the entryway: 2020 Fresh Start

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe. And usher in all things goods.

And we’re back.

First things first, happy 2020 to you and your family.

I don’t know about you but for me, a new year, even more so, a new decade, brings in so much excitement for better things and hope for the “never before” to come.

On the home front, I’ve pretty much settled in and the house has lost its new house smell. It smells like home now.

But I’m not quite done with it. And I suspect you aren’t with yours too. So I’ll starting the new year with a series of easy projects to refresh your home, room by room.

Let’s start with the entryway and work out way into the home, in the next few weeks.

The entryway is the first spot that greets you (or your guests) when they step into your home. You can make it a highly functional space and deliver on impact too.

Here are 7 IKEA hacks and ideas to freshen your entryway

#1 Add storage to the entryway

The IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet is, of course, great for shoes. Add a wood piece on top for a touch of luxe.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

It also works for keys, mail and items like your wallet, sunglasses, access cards that you may want to drop off on the way in.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

See the TRONES storage hack or buy the IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet on

#2 Make use of wall space

Little helpers like the TOSTERUP handle can be readily fixed on the wall with moldable glue like Sugru. Makes a tidy holder for mails and bills.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

For a bit of glam, you can use the TILLSTÄLLNING napkin holder (pictured below) or LIKSIDIG instead.

TILLSTALLNING napkin holder

TILLSTÄLLNING napkin holder |

#3 Make an impact

Technically it’s not wallpaper but IKEA has a coloring poster called GETNÄS that ticks all the boxes on interesting visual impact. See how Medina of Grillo Designs did it. Your kids (or you) can progressively color it in too.

GETNAS coloring poster as wallpaper

Source: Grillo-Designs

If not the GETNAS coloring poster, you can opt for the LUSTIGT coloring roll.

Another option is the KLÄTTA chalkboard stickers. You can have an ever-changing wall mural to suit your mood.

KLATTA chalkboard stickers
#4 Refresh your entryway with some greens

A surefire way to add some warmth to your entryway is to add some plants. The LURÖY bed slats hung on the wall becomes an effective vertical space for hanging plants. At your entryway, or really, anywhere you wish.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.


(If you can lay hold of the discontinued SULTAN LADE, that would be better. It’s sturdier.)

#5 Bring in a bench

A space for shoes and for putting them on — a bench is almost a must for the entryway.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

Sonja hacked this for toy storage in the nursery but seriously, it’s too cute to be hidden away. She used the HEMNES wall bridging shelf for it.

The KALLAX is also a great choice for a bench. Here’s a video tutorial for a shiplap style KALLAX bench.

#6 Get your shoes sorted

Too many shoes, not enough space? This tall and slim shoe cabinet may just be the project you’re looking for.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

Related: You’ll love our 9 ingenious hacks to maximize shoe storage.

#7 Create light with mirrors

If your entryway is dimly lit, this hack will certainly bring in more light to the space.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

Buy the NISSEDAL mirror on

#8 Get the hang of it

Who would have thought hooks can make a space look this cute? The multi-colored IKEA LOSJÖN knobs are an instant pick-me-up.

IKEA hacks and ideas to give your entryway a fresh new vibe.

Source: Livethemma

The LURT rack with customizable knobs is also a great options, especially if you don’t want all the same hooks and knobs.

Tag us if your updating your entryway with any of these IKEA ideas hacks and ideas.

Which room should I cover next in our 2020 Fresh Start series? Let me know in the comments.

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I cooked up a perfect wall mounted TV cabinet

I’ve been looking so long for the perfect wall mounted TV cabinet. It has to meet quite a few requirements: hanging for a spatial effect, lots of storage options (for all game devices, our stock of candles, etc.)

It had to fit my interior and, of course, look nice!

So much choice

Nowadays there are so many nice shops with beautiful furniture to choose from. IKEA also offers many possibilities.

Among the ready-made furniture, I did not find one that met my requirements. The well-known BESTÅ furniture from IKEA came close, but it was not entirely complete either.

The solution

Until my sister came up with the solution.

She was also looking for a research piece of furniture (but not as a television piece of furniture). She found it in IKEA’s kitchen cabinets.

After some calculations and puzzle solving, we succeeded in making our perfect wall mounted TV cabinet.

IKEA kitchen units as wall mounted tv cabinet
What does the furniture consist of?

The furniture actually consists of kitchen wall cabinets from IKEA. The drawers were originally for cutlery.

We hung 4 of them next to each other. On top of that a custom made oak board, 4 meters long and 5 cm thick.

The shelf is 80 cm longer than the furniture and that gives a playful effect. To conceal the cables of the TV and other devices (virtually) invisibly, we made holes in the IKEA cupboard and the oak board where the TV is located.

My advantages over the BESTÅ furniture

The benefits of this furniture compared to the BESTÅ furniture are as far as I am concerned:

  • The cutlery drawer gives you just a little more storage options. Ideal for storing, for example, tablets or keys. Otherwise you often have empty space at the top of a (deep) drawer;
  • The drawers have a soft-close system;
  • They do not have a push-open system (read: dirty-finger system);
  • These drawers are available in a width of 80 cm. The BESTÅ furniture is available in a maximum of 60 cm. Due to the wider drawers, our living room looks optically longer and visually quieter;
  • The outside looks a bit more luxurious, I think;
  • The kitchen drawers are available in various colors, a matte and glossy finish. We have opted for the white matte version.

Disadvantage: It is more expensive than the BESTÅ furniture, but then you have an eye-catcher in your living room!

drawers for TV unit
Materials for 1 drawer element:

We had the oak plank made to measure at the timber trade Van Feij in’s-Gravendeel. The staff were very helpful and really took the time for us. You can choose your desired shelf yourself. In short: a must!

oak top

The four units of METOD wall cabinet frames were mounted on the wall, following IKEA specifications. We used drawers but you can certainly use doors and shelves, if you prefer. The system is flexible.

Have you been inspired for your new TV furniture? Then tag me in the end result. I am very curious!

IKEA kitchen units as wall mounted tv cabinet
IKEA kitchen units as wall mounted tv cabinet

You can find me here on Instagram.

Great if you follow me there!

~ by Tessa

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10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019

Read on for my favourite IKEA ideas of the year.

My list for the IKEA Hack of the Year 2019 has been announced. Did you manage to catch it? If not, here is the link.

With the big ones out of the way, let’s not forget to celebrate the simpler ideas on IKEAhackers.

I call them “Ideas” (which is probably not the best term to use). They are simpler, easier hacks and could involve a repurposing or embellishment. In plain speak, anything that makes you go, “Hmm, that’s a good idea.”

So, let’s get on with it. May I present, in no particular order, the …

Top 10 IKEA Ideas of 2019

#1 Drawer latch for MAXIMERA drawers
10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019 - drawer latch

Eric made a drawer latch that allows the IKEA MAXIMERA internal drawer to be pulled out together with the exterior drawer front. (Instead of pulling out the external drawer and then the internal drawer.) There are some ready made latches but none from IKEA yet. It’s a simple mechanism and perhaps, not for everyone, but very useful if you prefer accessing the upper internal drawer first. See the drawer latch.

#2 Perfect filing cabinet for KALLAX
10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019 - filing cabinet

Allen did not find any simple ways of using the IKEA KALLAX shelving unit as a filing cabinet for hanging files. And then he found the right filing basket to slip into a DRÖNA and the rest was history. See the KALLAX filing cabinet.

#3 HEMNES in classy black texture
10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019 - shoe rack

Melonie got the HEMNES shoe cabinet, preloved, in its original white. But she hated the vinyl surface and decided to do something about it. What I like about this transformation is the almost leather / skin texture. See the black textured shoe cabinet.

#4 KALLAX modern card catalog
10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019 - card catalog

Terra always wanted a huge library card file/ apothecary cabinet but they are expensive. Just so happened, she had a couple KALLAX shelving units and four drawer inserts when the idea struck. I like the real, functional drawers as opposed to faux drawers on apothecary cabinet hacks. See the modern card catalog cabinet.

#5 Sleep training clock
10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019 - sleep training clock

Megan is a mom of 3, with the youngest at 3 years old. Megan came up with a sleep training clock to help her child know when it’s okay to wake the adults. Anything to help parents sleep in, gets my vote. See the sleep training clock.

#6 Crib to computer desk
10 of the most clever IKEA Ideas of 2019 - crib computer desk

When Andrijana’s son outgrew the crib, she repurposed it into a computer desk. It’s also became a play house for him when she’s not working on the desk. Furniture given a second life is always a good idea. See the crib computer desk.

#7 Glow in the dark STOMMA
glow in the dark stomma

Being so cheap, it’s inevitable the STOMMA clock gets hacked. Kate wanted a clock for her bedroom that’s silent and tells the time in the dark. She found her solution with this one tweak. So easy I wonder why I never thought of it.

#8 KALLAX office sideboard
kallax sideboard

Orla Kiely wallpaper and tapered legs gave this KALLAX unit a whole new look. And now it fits right in Trude office. It didn’t need a lot of cutting and sawing, but the result is beautiful nonetheless. See the KALLAX sideboard.

#9 Easy pantry organizer
pantry organizer

Erinmae transformed her pantry into a super organised space thanks to some $5 IKEA spice racks. They are super handy as pantry organisers, thanks to a bit of out of the box thinking. Read more.

#10 A lighted mirror
lighted mirror

To create a cozy atmosphere in the hallway and brighten up the space, Jose decided to hang up an IKEA NISSEDAL mirror. But after thinking about it further, he came up with the idea of converting it into a lighted mirror to provide ambient lighting as well. Kills two birds with one stone. See the lighted mirror.

And that’s my list of top 10 IKEA ideas. Which is your favourite? Or did I miss yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Want more? Browse previous Ideas of the Year:

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Presenting the top 10 IKEA Hacks of the Year 2019

It’s here! The annual list of my top 10 favourite IKEA hacks of the year.

2019 has been a challenging year for blogs. Some well-known blogs ended their run, most notably, Design Sponge, which was one of my go-to design blogs for like ever. I do miss the space Grace and her team filled.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are stronger than ever and much of traffic has migrated there.

And IKEAhackers has seen that move too. IH Instagram following grew considerably, from about 10,000 followers two years ago to now, over 78,000 when I started upping my Gram game.

Definitely, things are shifting.

But in case you think this is getting sombre, in the words of the late Ingvar Kamprad, “Most things still remain to be done. A glorious future!”

Ingvar Kamprad quote

The IKEA hacking spirit is alive and well, no matter what platform it appears on.

And again, as we reach the end of the year, let’s celebrate the creativity and effort that went into each and every hack, no matter big or small.

Without further ado, may I present my favourite 10 IKEA hacks from 2019, in no particular order.

Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

#10 Ironing board on wheels
Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

This is an awesome problem-solution hack. Katja was frustrated by her big ironing board that was blocking access to her cupboards and she had the RÅSKOG cart already in her sewing room, which was gathering clutter. So decided to solve two problems in one hack. See the ironing board on wheels.

#9 Wardrobe for awkward nook
Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

The small angled wall made it hard to use the space in Melanie’s guest room / office. It was almost impossible to put in a bed and desk and have it feel right. The built-in PAX made all the difference, sealing off the nook and giving the room a more functional shape.  

#8 DIY cat house
Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

A very clever use of the BEKVÄM step stool. Thibault enclosed the space at the base of the BEKVÄM stool to create a cosy nook for their cat to curl in. On the side, a ledge for cat bowls. See the DIY cat house.

#7 Skinny rolling storage cart
rolling cart

I love how Hannah maximised storage in her small laundry room. In between the washer and dryer she had a mere 11″, which could be ignored but no, not she. She inverted a HYLLIS Shelf and turned it into a rolling storage cart that slots right into the space.

#6 BILLY bookcase secret door
secret room

A secret door to a hidden room! Who can resist? Meg had this weird middle room with doors and windows on every wall, making it a challenge to use the space. Their solution was to turn the space into our whiskey and tea library, with a wall of dark shelves. And, in doing so, create a secret door that leads to their home office/guest room. See the secret door BILLY bookcase hack.

#5 SpiderCat walkway
cat walkway

Tanja didn’t have much room in her home for her cats to climb and play. So she made a simple cat walkway out of LACK tables and mounted them to the ceiling. This is a winner in my books because it’s simple, easy to do, affordable and the cats seems to love it. See the LACK catwalk.

#4 Wainscotting on a budget
Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

Rosandra wanted to add boiserie or wainscoting to her walls. But in Italy, getting a craftsman to make a real wainscot is very expensive. So she turned to IKEA to create picture frame wainscoting, at a very much lower price.

#3 Stunning PAX walk in closet
Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

If you’ve wondered whether you could get the luxe look from IKEA PAX wardrobes, well, now you know you can. Going beyond the usual built-in PAX, Erin made some critical upgrades for a full custom cabinetry look. See Erin’s walk-in PAX closet.

#2 Broken glass lamp

Perhaps not the most visually arresting of lamps, but this was an interesting hack for me and took it into the unusual territory. Russ made it beautiful by breaking it. Watching the break was fascinating. See the broken glass lamp.

#1 Genius sofa armrest storage
Top 10 IKEA hacks of 2019

This is one of the most innovative hacks I’ve seen in recent years. How Javier reconstructed both armrests to store a truck load of things totally blew my mind. And it got me wondering, “When will IKEA make armrest modules with storage?” I know, right? See the armrest with storage.

And that’s my top 10 favourite hacks of 2019. Did I miss out any of yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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I’ll be away for Christmas, what about you?

Still scrambling for decor and gift wrap? A coat stand tree and IKEA Gift Card tags to the rescue.

Hello there,

Christmas is happening in 5 days. This year, I’ll be making my way down south as the whole gang will be celebrating in Singapore! The Lion City is always phenomenal this time of the year, a little island filled with wonder.

As such, I’ll take a break from IKEAhackers till the New Year comes around. Nevertheless, I’ve scheduled a few awesome posts for the coming week, in particular our annual HOTY. Watch out for it.

Before I sign off, let me thank you for continuing to visit IKEAhackers. Every visit, submission and comment makes a difference and keeps me going, doing what I love.

I’ll leave you with two quick hacks for the season — a quick “alternative tree” from Penny and an IKEA gift card tag from Emma. Print out and make an envelope or gift tag for the most last minute gift you can possibly give — the IKEA Gift Card. (Get it online here.)



IKEA KNIPPE coat rack tree

In a rush to prepare for a Christmas family gathering, I got all the food organised but clean forgot about any decorations.

With our IKEA KNIPPE coat stand, gold baubles, string and a gold ribbon bow we put together a passable Christmas tree. Everyone was very impressed.

The KNIPPE is discontinued. Get the similar EKRAR.

~ by Penny

IKEA Assembly Man Gift Card Tag

This is probably not your traditional hack but given the IKEA instructions are so iconic, I thought I would include some with the gift card I gave my sister and her fiancée for Christmas.

They are buying their first house, so a bit of money to help them buy a few bits of furniture surely wouldn’t go amiss?

Anyhow, a gift card on its own is a little bit boring, so I hacked the basic IKEA instructions in Photoshop to make gift card instructions.

IKEA Gift Card Tag for Christmas

Feel free to download the image (opens in new window) and use it (or hack it!) for yourself! I downloaded the instruction from the IKEA website, so it cost me precisely £0, apart from a bit of time.

ikea gift card tag

Download Jules’ version

You can use it as an gift card envelope or tag, whichever catches your fancy.

Also, I don’t know if my Swedish is accurate for “New House Gift”, but it looked more Swedish and IKEA-y than “Present Kort”.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!

~ by Emma

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SKΓ…DIS: 5 ways to make the IKEA pegboard even better

IKEA introduced its own pegboard system, SKÅDIS, two years ago and I’d say it’s one of the best systems IKEA launched in recent years.

I love how super customisable it is, with a growing range of accessories that help keep things organized.

It works everywhere, in your wardrobe to bathroom. Probably anywhere you have a flat surface to hang it up.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard ideas


IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard ideas

But no matter how perfect a system, you can trust IKEA hackers to improve on the SKÅDIS. And they’ve settle these 5 issues you may have faced with the handy IKEA pegboard. Read on for their fixes.

5 IKEA SKÅDIS issues and fixes

#1 Expensive hooks?

You’ll need quite a number of hooks and accessories to fill up the SKÅDIS pegboard, and Kenyer was shocked at how quickly they all added up.

So he figured he could make his own hooks to save cost.


Photo: Kenyer

Over at Instructables, he shows us how to twist copper wires into the SKÅDIS hook shape. It works surprisingly well too.

  • DIY skadis hook
  • DIY skadis hook

Photo: Kenyer

Designing your own hooks lets you bend it to fit different tools. Any type of hooks that IKEA doesn’t sell, you can shape your own.

#2 Hooks that fall off?

Boris wanted to prevent the IKEA SKÅDIS peg hooks from falling out of the board.

He comments, “The hooks are an absolute nightmare to use — unless the hooks are fixed somehow to the board’s slot. I saw it at an IKEA store, they used zip ties (pix below) to fix the hook to the board.

However, this is only possible if the pegboard is not mounted on the wall (to install zip tie through the back). If the board is already mounted on the wall, it is almost non doable.”

hook with zip tie

IKEA store’s fix

Boris then came up with a solution he calls the Holdilock. “It is easy to install and remove from the board, which allows you to rearrange the hooks when you need to.”

It is essentially a clip that holds the hook in place.


Photo: MVC design

Here’s a video showing how it works. 

Get the SKÅDIS peg hook lock here.

#3 Wasted slots?

Then, there is the Nook Hook, designed to make maximum use of the SKÅDIS pegboard.

Most of the SKÅDIS hooks occupy two slots but the Nook Hook takes only one slot. It has a locking tab to prevent the hook from falling and keeps it firmly in place on the SKÅDIS.

The result? Awesome stuff for hanging little things like necklaces, rings and rolls of washi tape.

And for even something as simple as a small photo frame (which won’t look good on the original IKEA SKÅDIS hook).

Nook Hook for SKADIS pegboard

Photo: AEKI

Nook hook

Photo: AEKI

Get the Nook Hook here.

#4 Limited accessories?

Have access to a 3D printer?

Then just hop over to Thingiverse and download the 3D printable item for your needs. You’ll find add-ons of all shapes and sizes and for all kinds of storage. A small pegboard mounted shelf, a headphone holder, a tray. For the crafter, a scissors holder perhaps?

  •  table
  •  headphone holder
  • SKÅDIS tray
  • SKÅDIS scissors holder
    Scissors holder

Related: See more 3D printed IKEA hacks here

#5 Mount inside a cabinet?

Want to use the SKÅDIS inside a cabinet like the BESTÅ?

Andreas had the same thought but he wanted the mounting to be as seamless as possible. Out of his personal need, he created a SKÅDIS mounting system specially for the BESTÅ.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard mounted in BESTA

It integrates seamlessly with the mounting hardware that’s included with the BESTÅ/SKÅDIS and can be mounted either to a BESTÅ suspension rail or by anchoring a floor standing frame to the wall.


It should work for other cabinets like the METOD or SEKTION too.

Get the Beskåda Pegboard Mount here.

What other ways have you improved on the IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard? Let us know in the comments below.

This post contains affiliate links to products referenced in these hacks. IKEAHackers earns a small commission from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting IH.

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Hide the storeroom with BILLY and OXBERG

A row of BILLY bookcases keeps our messy understairs storeroom hidden.

We call it the BILLY Goats Stuff because it allows me to hide my house cleaning and laundry stuff out the way. And we can hear when the kids sneak in there as they trip trap over the base of the BILLY frame.

It came about because we had a messy understairs cupboard and an oddly shaped living room, courtesy of a few house extensions.

We were also laying an oak floor and the end of that floor was at a different level.

With this hack, we were able to solve a few issues at once and get some extra storage for our living room.

IKEA items used:

Hide the storeroom with BILLY hack

We started by screeding. Then, tiled the floor in grey gloss tiles to reflect light.

After that, we built the two double width and one single width BILLY bookcases and underpinned the bases with wooden struts as one would be walked through.

We did not fit the backs on the false bookcase.

Related: See it. Or not. How to make a BILLY bookcase secret door

A frame was then built out of scrap wood from a partition wall we demolished in another room. We added plasterboard panels to this.

We’ve not quite finished this bit, we have to add the picture rail and paint the plaster.

Finally we used wallpaper featuring books pasted onto a 3mm ply to cover the walk through cupboard. We fastened the ply to the back of the glass door. This was important because otherwise light would spill through from the cupboard into the living room.

BILLY doors closed to hide the storeroom

Hide the storeroom

Opened to access the storeroom

We’re really pleased with the results. It blends perfectly with the rest of the room, though I might change the knobs later.

~ by Rachel Hill

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Warm your winter with this wax and candle melter lamp

I decided to build this candle warmer lamp because it costs around 18 euros and is much cheaper than the ones on the market.

It is also adjustable and allows to melt every candle size.

DIY candle warmer lamp - IKEA Hack

Using this lamp, your candles will be much more durable and the fragrance will be more intense!

IKEA Items used:
Other items used:

Instructions for DIY candle warmer lamp:

1.  Fix the four FIXA floor protectors in the corners  of  the back of APTITLIG chopping board.

2. Remove the clip from the lamp and unscrew the nut.  


3. With a gauge, measure the diameter of the lower part of the lamp. Find a right sized washer to fit the diameter of the lower part of the lamp.

4. Turn the chopping board upside down and locate the place to make the hole. For stability, the hole should be centered along the short side of the chopping board and about 2 cm away from the edge. Use a drill bit with the same diameter as the lower part of the lamp to make the hole.

5. Disassemble the lamp switch, so that you can pass the wire through the washer and then, through hole you just made. Fix the lamp to the board by tightening the nut.

6. Reassemble the switch. Install the halogen bulb into the socket. And you’re done.

7. Now, you can put your favorite scented candle under the lamp, turn on the switch, and enjoy the fragrance.

DIY candle warmer lamp - IKEA Hack

~ by Cristina Marcon

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Lazy susan tea light holder

I loved the idea and so I made a tea light holder with the SNUDDA and wanted to show it to you. See more of the SNUDDA tea light holder.

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Full size bed frame with storage hack β€” no tools required!

We hacked IKEA KALLAX units into a full size bed frame with storage to save space and money. Since we already had the KALLAX units, we wanted to use them up.

The bed is the perfect height for sleep and everything, with plenty of storage.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

Related: This is how I made a waterbed frame from KALLAX units

The KALLAX shelves are easily accessible from all sides and you can reach the space in the middle from the sides or from the top for larger items.

Reaching inside from the top is a bit of a drag (you have to lift the mattress and some/all of the plywood sheets) so we only use it for long-term storage/seasonal items.

 IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:

Full size bed frame with storage assembly

Step 0: Assemble the KALLAX units.

KALLAX units

Step 1: Position the KALLAX units in a U-shape, with the opening towards the wall where you want your head to be. Any floor surface is fine, but a rug or carpet will make it less likely to slide around.

Non slip mat

Step 2: Cut up the non slip rug pads to fit on top of the units where the plywood will go, and place them there.


Underbed storage space


Step 3: Add the plywood sheets on top.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

Step 4: Cover with a bedsheet to keep clean, and put the mattress on top.

Other useful information:

You can use a single plywood sheet instead of three separate ones (we had to have it cut so it could fit in our car). Alternatively, you can also use a mattress frame/bed slats or whatever you like to sleep on.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack
How long and how much did it cost? 

Initial assembly took about half hour. Total cost of the 3 KALLAX units, plywood, and rug pads is around $200.

What do you like most about the hack? 

Simplicity and effectiveness, easy to assemble and disassemble (good for moving).

What was the hardest part about this hack? 

Carrying the KALLAX units and plywood sheets up the stairs.

What to pay special attention to? 

Non slip rug pads keep the plywood secure on the KALLAX base.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack
Looking back, would you have done it differently? 

Use a better quality or treated plywood.

And that’s it. A very simple hack for a full size bed frame with storage.

~ by Ilya and Sarah

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DIY Faux Fireplace from IKEA kitchen cabinets

Love having a fireplace but the house doesn’t come with one? Well, you can always make a DIY faux fireplace.

Here’s how I built it out of IKEA METOD kitchen cabinets. (If you’re in the US, you can use the SEKTION cabinets.)

IKEA items used:

Instructions for DIY Faux Fireplace

Firstly, draw up your fireplace plan using the IKEA Home Planning Tool.

ikea home planning tool for kitchen

I chose the wall cabinets for their height.

After getting your cabinets, assemble them according to plan — two narrow cabinets (40cm) for the sides and the wider one (60cm) for the middle. The larger cabinet is where the “fire” goes.

DIY faux fireplace

My initial project used the HÄGGEBY doors. I later changed it to the SÄVEDAL door.

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Turn the cabinets upside down and screw the CAPITA legs into place. After that, you can stand them up again.

You can also connect the individual cabinets together with screws. Screw in through the dowel holes from one cabinet to another. Make sure to get screws that are not too long, in order not the puncture through to the inside of the adjoining cabinet.

Fix the drawer into the wider cabinet to create the bridge.

Now that you’ve got the structure done, place the 80cm UTRUSTA shelves in the cavity of the fireplace. These are to hide the dowel holes on the sides.

inside fireplace

Place the shelves upright, against the left and right sides of the cabinet. If you want, you can fix them with double sided tape or similar.

For the mantel top, I placed a wooden board I bought from, which I got rather cheaply. You could also use the IKEA cover panels or countertops for this purpose.

Decorate it up

Lastly, the back of the fireplace.

DIY faux fireplace

With SÄVEDAL doors and fronts

You can design the back wall of the fireplace any way you wish. I mostly used a thin chipboard and papered it with a 3D peel and stick brick or stone pattern. You can be completely creative and design it to fit your home decor.

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DIY faux fireplace

Inside the fireplace you can place LED lights, faux burning logs or flameless candles to mimic the real thing. Do get one that doesn’t give out any heat.

faux burning logs

Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log

Then just go wild and decorate your mantelpiece with all the trimmings. That’s about it.

Best thing, besides a DIY faux fireplace, you still have lots of storage space behind the cabinet doors.

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~ by Angi (Follow me on Instagram @deko_obsession)

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