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Geometry & Roses

*Français* Je travaille en ce moment à une nouvelle version du site qui sera BILINGUE Français/anglais. Mais comme il y a beaucoup de projets ça prend du temps. Voici quelques images de ce sur quoi je travail en ce moment, une analyse geometrique des rosaces des églises Lyonnaises, voici donc Saint-Paul pour commencer. Ce motif sera ensuite utilisé pour des peintures et des dorures.

*English* So it's spring over here and projects are pouring out! Hence the fact that I have slightly neglected updating the website. Be assured this is very near the top of my to-do list and will happen as soon as possible, a couple of new pieces are to be added and a new structure is needed (one which include a French version of the website!). 

The main project keeping me busy these days (alongside the day job) is my project on Rose Windows, which includes geometric analysis, raised gilding and painting, and will be presented in October 2018 (I know there is still some time) in London at the Prince's School of Traditional Art's gallery (where I did my MA).

Here is a First finished geometric analysis of a series on the Roses of Lyon (France), which have a nice harmony in their designs probably stemming out from the St-Jean Cathedral's rose (on which I am also working at the moment). So to start with, here is my version of a construction for the rose of the St-Paul's church in Lyon.


IMG_20170317_140748 copy.jpg

You can also what I am up to on Facebook:  @LucieRoseGalvani or Instagram: @lucie_rose_art

Workshop coming up: Golden Flower, Geometry & Light

I am very happy to announce that I will be teaching another raised gilding workshop this coming April (16th to 22nd), in the warmth of Spain this time.
The workshop will be a week long, linking the geometry of Rose Windows and a raised gilding application of the geometry (we will be looking at the local Rose Window of Leon). This will be happening at the Flores del Camino studio, and the geometry part will be taught by Bertrand Gamrowski.

A few words about Flores del Camino. It's a beautifully renovated traditional Maragato house, located in the enchanting village of Castrillo de los Polvazares (North-West Spain), where Basia and Bertrand host workshops, retreats or travellers. They are both stain-glass and traditional geometry artists, with a specific interest for Rose Windows. It is possible to reserve accommodation there too (which I would recommend) although there are other options in the village.
Do have a look at their website: 
Details of this workshop and their other workshops: whats-on
Accommodation at Flores del Camino: accommodation

Workshop will be taught in English, (but Bertrand and I are both French so we can adapt to French speakers unsure of their English).

Do send me an email for any questions!
We recommend booking early, especially if you travel from afar tickets will be cheaper booked earlier, and their is a limited number of spaces in order to provide quality of teaching.

Hoping to see you there!

Gilding a Rose - Workshop at SAOG

Last October I was invited by Daniel Docherty and Kira Orsak to give a 5 days raised gilding workshop at their beautiful studio in Emerson College (in Forest Row, East Sussex): Sacred Art of Geometry (do visit their website, many great workshops happening there!)

In this course I taught participants how to use the medieval illumination technique of raised gesso gilding on paper. This technique creates a beautiful smooth, molten gold effect which catches the light from many different angles. It's a technique I love and have used for many of my MA pieces at the Prince's school (you will find examples in the "Gold" section of this website).
As the workshop was immediately following a Geometry of the Rose workshop by Jonathan Horning, on the geometry of rose windows, we used Rose Window inspired designs for the gilding.

I will be teaching a similar workshop in Spain in April, I will post about it in the next few days!
Here are some pictures of the workshop at SAOG (Sacred Art of Geometry) studio:









Gilding a Rose - Workshop at SAOG

Back to France

After 2 amazing years in London at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, I decided in the summer to move back to France. So I am now based in Lyon and I am starting to develop my artistic activities here. However I do want to keep the link with London, the Prince's School and a British audience! So do not hesitate to contact me for commissions, exhibitions and the like.

New projects are cooking, I will keep you posted!
For now I am just going to say that Rose Windows are amazing...


New setting, new projects!

New setting, new projects!

Prince's School of Traditional Arts Degree Show 2016

Every year in early July holds the Prince's School of Traditional Arts Degree Show. This year 9 of us graduated and the whole show was quite beautiful and varied. It is a very special moment to see everyone's work presented on the walls. So for those who missed it here are a few pictures of my space in the gallery.

Our patron Prince Charles even paid us a visit, he is very proud of the school and does try to come to see the show every year. I will not be exhibiting next year (you only graduate once!) but the next cohort will be amazing I am sure, so save the date!

 The middle of the gallery, with my space on the left.
2-2016-06 Londres expo PSTA - 046.jpg
4-2016-06 Londres PSTA2 - 22.jpg
11-2016-06 Londres PSTA2 - 24.jpg
 Prince Charles visiting the degree show.
 A little display of the tools and materials I use.

Prince's School of Traditional Arts Degree Show 2016

And here is the website!

So here we are, this is the first version of my website. Better quality pictures are coming, more descriptions, and hopefully in a little while more artwork! (I hope to be working on more geometry, more Celtic knot-work and calligraphy in the next few months).

So far you can find in these pages the work I did in the past 2 years for my Masters Degree at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts (School's website: and also bookbinding I did in Nantes from 2008 to 2013.

The Degree Show of the Prince's School of Traditional Arts was launched Monday 27th, and is open until the 8th of July 1pm. The school (and show) is in Shoreditch: 19-22 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3SG. The building is open from 10:00-20:00, Monday to Friday. Please note we will be closed on 30 June. I will be around but not all the time, so if you wish to meet me whilst seeing the show, don't hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange a time. 

Enjoy your visit, do leave a comment if you wish, contact me if you have any questions and I am open for commissions!