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Trails from Zero: 100%

Well, we made it. For a while, I wasn’t sure if we would—yet here we are. The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero’s first editing pass has been completed. It’s still a little weird to say. After sinking so much of my life into this project for over two years, it’s numbing to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Putting sentimentality aside for now, I suppose you’re asking what happens now? I’ll try to answer that.

The Plan

From here, we are going to run a proofreading/minor editing pass over the areas in the script that need it. This should take a fraction of the time that it took to edit the script, so worry not. Towards the end of proofreading, the testing phase is planned to start. Truth be told, I’m not 100% sure how long that will take, so Ribose will talk about that below! Either way, things are progressing at a rapid pace.

Testing Phase

Hello, Ribose here! The way testing will work is players will be given access to the patch (obviously), as well as a channel to talk to us with, and the issue tracker to report any and every issue found. The issue tracker also contains a wiki containing all of my technical notes for reference, such as a list of all of the quests (and notable optional interactions within them), the NPCs, the documentation of all debug functions (that we’ve found), and the things people are recommended to test.

Any and all terminology is being synchronized with Kiseki Wiki, such that an inconsistency between what the wiki says and what the game says is also considered a bug. Technical bugs, graphical bugs, scenario script bugs (typos, context, etc), inconsistencies, and anything else reported will be looked into and the team will attempt to fix it. Of course, the testers will be able to see reported issues and be able to talk with us and get feedback. Testing will begin soon and will be by invite. We hope it’ll only be a few months until release!

A Special Thanks

Zerker back. Before anything else, I have to thank our friend, Arvin. He has been an immensely huge help in finishing the first editing pass, and has grown to be an invaluable member of the team. Genuinely, I don’t know if we could have finished it (har, har) without your dedication.


On top of the patch, we also have a few mini-projects in the works—related to Zero, of course! Imagine it as the extra toppings on the pizza. Not necessary, but they’re nice to have! One is planned to be released before the patch, and the other concurrently with Trails from Zero.

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Trails from Zero: 90%

10% to go. Looking back, it’s amazing that we got this far to begin with. When I first joined the project, I don’t think I understood just how massive of an undertaking this was going to be. And yet, here we are. 10% until all of the dialogue has undergone edits. Wild.

I suppose that I should clear the air. For the past 7-ish months, I hardly touched the project. I could probably count the number of times I opened the spreadsheet on one hand. Why, you may ask? Well, a lot of burnout. A lot of life happenings. A lot of me shirking my responsibilities, too, I guess. I got engaged to the love of my life, and I’m also trying to get into law school. But, honestly, I think I’ve used those as excuses to push the project to the side. Without Ribose, Cata, and Jose always working on it, I don’t know what would have happened. You don’t need to worry, though. Trails from Zero is coming out, and it’s going to be damn good. With an extra set of hands and renewed energy, we’ve done nearly 10% in about a month. No, we aren’t rushing. We just want to deliver on what we promised. I want to.

Within the next month or so, we want to hit 100%. Unfortunately, that does not mean the patch is ready for release. We will have to go over everything, clean things up, and get ready for QA. Luckily, that should take a fraction of the time. Just be excited, okay? I’ll hand the mic over to Ribose now.

A Small Technical Update

While things may have been slow on the editing front, Jose and I (Ribose) continued to fix things in the background. There were a number of issues affecting the build, from issues running on Windows 7 (now fixed), and issues with the build configuration (we hope is fixed). Also, strange memory leaks and annoying crashes that generally had to do with our modifications to the texture loading, which we also hope are fixed.

We also took the time to implement what wasn’t implemented into our mod, so now we can show off one little thing that was hinted at in the last technical update.

Options Menu

In the previous update, I mentioned this at the start of the save menu replacement section:

A while back, Jose switched the UI library he was using in order to improve the options menu and expose them to players.

Here is how our options menu looks!

Jose and I have worked to make this options menu functional with mouse, keyboard, or controller input. I’ve gone so far as to make it respect keyboard/controller/mouse bindings as the game’s input system sees them. This means if you unbind the accept button, you might need another input method to bind it again…

The menu itself provides all of the options that the external config.exe tool did, but in both Japanese and English, and while the game is running! We chose to do it this way to avoid having to hack a second executable just for English strings, and to have a non-redundant location to easily add additional settings to. While the external tool may still work to a degree, it will not be patched and may not function well with a non-Japanese locale (or due to numerous observed bugs in the original, such as with rebinding). We recommend that players not use the external tool, and just select “OPTION” in the game, as you normally expect from a modern game. The startup process of the game has been adjusted to launch the game at your current default monitor’s resolution in borderless window mode, if the config.ini file (where settings are stored) could not be found.

Once more, this uses the amazing Dear ImGui library, which is a graphical user interface overlay system featured in other mods such as Special K. Mind you, ImGui itself doesn’t add any of the features of other mods using Special K, as it just provides the interface.

Other Technical Updates

We have also improved a lot of tiny details about the overall project in important ways. Please look forward to the completed patch containing:

  • XInput controller support (complete):  If you use Steam Input (that is, you add the game as a “non-Steam game” shortcut with Steam’s controller support enabled), a real Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Steam Virtual Controller (a.k.a. Steam Link), the game will detect it as XInput and will label the button names in the options menu appropriately. It’ll also work as other XInput-enabled games on Steam currently do (such as Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel). I recommend pairing it with the “Xbox/XInput” preset for a reasonable default button mapping. It will actually use this preset automatically if config.ini cannot be found and XInput is detected.
  • Controller button prompt replacement (working):  Currently, the game will replace the generic numbered button icons with those found on the Xbox, DualShock, or Switch Pro icon sheet (part of the included textures). This is a setting you can select from.
  • Xbox prompts on the state map.
  • DualShock prompts on the quartz menu.
  • Switch Pro prompts on the cooking menu.
  • Alphabetized Crossbell City Library material (awaiting editing):  One minor detail about the library was that the Japanese release categorized and sorted their entries about the lore in Japanese kana order. That is, the first category is “A~Z”, the second is “ア行” (meaning the “A line” of the Japanese alphabet, which includes words starting with ア, イ, ウ, エ, or オ– a, i, u, e, or o, in that order), and the third continues along that alphabet. This makes a lot of sense for Japanese, but almost none in English, when words are also translated into those with different starting sounds, or with English’s tendency to have deviations from spelling to pronunciation. Our solution was to reorder the menus entirely in this section, sorting it in English alphabetical order, and fixing the resulting haphazard letter-splitting that then occurs. So for example, the page containing 5 “カ行” items (“K” line, sorted ka, ki, ku, ke, ko, of course) was changed to contain 4 “E-F” items, as shown below. Do note that the most difficult part of this was changing the number of items in each menu.
  • If you know the game, then you’d be aware what it means when I say the Information Terminals are implemented properly now.
  • You’ll be able to press “1”, “2”, “3”, and “4” on your keyboard as quick-access to the S-Break feature, as well as to the four notebooks outside of battle.
  • Here’s a closing image of the save menu from the previous update, with minor updates and the functioning button to “Show in folder”. With keyboard or controller, you’ll be able to access those two options from the “Slot” menu on top (press the CAMP binding to toggle between the menu and the save items).

The Barrier

Listen: If you’ve played the old patch, that’s fine. If you played on the initial spreadsheet, that’s fine. If you can read Japanese, that’s fine. Hell, if you’ve waited all this time for us, that’s fine, too. (Also, you rock.) All I ask is that you look forward to experiencing the fan localization of Zero no Kiseki.

I cannot thank you enough for standing by us—a group of Falcom fans—all this time. We won’t let you down.

We’ll get over the barrier.

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[Admin] Website Refresh

If you haven’t noticed yet, the website itself has gone through a complete overhaul. Here are some details on the site refresh!

As I have promised transparency with the site and what’s being done with it, I would like to relay to you how the site works and what happened.

The Geofront operates using WordPress, a pretty commonly used blog content management system that you can find throughout the internet. Due to being open source, it is very robust with a large community adding to it. However, this also means that it is also a very common target for bots and hackers- mostly with the intention to install more bots and keep their ‘spam virus’ going across the internet.

o hai dere wordpress

So the theme has been switched from Graphene to Lekh, another theme that seemed to have a much ligher footprint for the server. With a couple of additional plugins to allow me to make further changes to the site, some custom cosmetic CSS, I think I’ve gotten to the point where I like this new setup just a bit. (And it does have parallax, which I’ve been wanting to use on a site for guilty-pleasure reasons. So that’s a win.)

I believe the issue with the old theme was that it suddenly had issues connecting with the Gravatar system that WordPress uses. And since we also needed a theme that would be a lot more friendly for mobile users… well… here we are. It was good timing, as it was something I was planning to do anyway.

This refresh doesn’t necessarily mean news is on the horizon, but I’ve been working with Ribose on something to whet your appetites a bit while you wait. However, what it does mean is that the site remains secure and safe for you to browse, which is extremely important for any site on WordPress.

And while the site is open, this doesn’t mean that the changes are done. There will constantly be little things on the back end that I feel need to be tweaked and updated. Plugins updated, changed, removed, and so forth. Many posts for this refresh, for example, had to be updated to function along with it.

As always, if you run across any jankiness or oddities with colors or other things not displaying properly, let me know. You can always do that here via comments, or to me on twitter.

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Trails from Zero: 80%

Hey there, prospective detectives! Zerker and the Geofront gang are here to provide you with another Trails from Zero update! It’s been a minute, but we have plenty to show off this time around!

Scenario update

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m still working my way through Crossbell City dialogue. I just finished up Ignis and Imelda Antique Shop, and am now working on Hotel Millennium! One reason this update took so long is because I would often get stuck re-editing lines from the very beginning, but now my plan is to focus on wrapping up the first pass before going back to fix up the older stuff. Now, I’ll hand the mic to Ribose to explain what all is being added!

Technical update

Hi, this is Ribose typing. This update should be more general and informative compared to the last one, which was the numerical breakdown of the text. We’ve implemented a lot of features to the Japanese PC release over the last two years! We will ensure that the Japanese PSP release still functions with a minimal scenario and non-scenario text patch. But the PC release definitely needed a lot of work to make it a quality version that people don’t have to hassle with to play.


You may have heard that three of us (omgfloofy, Zerker, and Ribose) were on the Falcom fan panel at MAGFest 2019! We met several fans there, including both a Lloyd and a Rean cosplayer, as well as many enthusiastic people like us. We, of course, showed off a little demo of the project’s progress, after using the first part of panel to talk about Falcom in general. Fear not, we are also waiting for them to post the recording of this panel.

But you said features!

Patience! The first thing we showed off was our newly edited opening video, edited by Cullen (@DrCullenPHD) and Elizabeth (@_seaPancake)! It is attached below:

You’ll notice three things have been replaced by their English equivalent: the logo, the “Developed by Falcom” text at the end, and an easily-missed blue line saying “FIND ME”. We are excited to have this in!

This opening will come with the game and be played if you choose to play with English text. We are working to be sure that when this game is installed on a clean Windows install, you will still be able to run the game and play the videos.

By the way, it isn’t shown in the video, but you can optionally turn on English or Japanese subtitles in the mod and it will display those over the video.

The other feature: the save menu

While it was rushed through during the panel itself, we did show another amazing technical addition: the save menu. If you played this game on PSP (or any of the Sky trilogy on PSP), you would have recognized the original save & load menu that the Japanese game had. It had a column of large thumbnails on the left that you would scroll through and select your save slot from with details on the right. We tried a few things to try to fix that menu to have more slots or to handle encoding better but kept meeting challenges, mostly with the user interface itself.

A while back, Jose switched the UI library he was using in order to improve the options menu and expose them to players. Then he had the crazy idea of replacing save & load as well. With it, we could do much more than we could before, and we could build it to be more PC-oriented. We are making sure that keyboard, mouse, and controller support all stay strong in the custom interfaces.

  • A normal save page
  • The autosave page
  • Some Japanese-created saves
  • Page 99?!

Here’s a quick list of the functionality this interface implements for us:

  • Save and load over 1000 slots (SAV0001-1000 are normal saves, SAV1001-2000 are clear saves).
  • Load autosaves.
  • Mouse interaction support (the original was very much a port of the PSP menu and didn’t actually use the mouse’s position. While it did technically honor left click, right click, and scroll wheel, you might as well have used a keyboard or controller).
  • Better parity with the Trails in the Sky games which have an interface similarly designed for PC first.
  • Viewing and saving of save metadata regardless of your system’s locale. That is, all created saves are made in Japanese encoding (English text is a subset).
  • Viewing and loading of saves of a slightly different source. That is, saves created by the Chinese version of the game or by the Japanese PSP version (requires decoding), then copied intosavedata/, will be read and loaded as if they are this game’s. Saving will only be in the Japanese format with English or Japanese metadata, depending on which language mode you’re in.

Shoutout to the amazing Dear ImGui library that this uses. It’s a pretty powerful little immediate-mode GUI overlay system that could be embedded in our DLL. There’s definitely more you can do with the library than shown. That is the default dark color scheme, after all.

Did you say autosaves?

Yes! Let’s move on to things not mentioned in our panel. Team members may have mentioned these things in passing in the last two years, but it sure would be nice to have one place with all the major improvements listed.

Things we can confirm or re-confirm support for are as follows:

  • Japanese & English: You can play the game with our improvements in either text language (of course, voices are staying in Japanese). The setting for this affects all graphics and text which we’ve patched for English. Yes, even the English text in the executable, debug room, and created when you save the game will revert to the Japanese original when you switch this. Also, this works everywhere regardless of your system locale so locale emulation will not be required.
  • Autosaves: When you enter a new map, an autosave is created in the oldest of the ten autosave slots. They can be loaded from just like any normal save from our new interface, by going back one page from the first page.
  • Anisotropic filtering: The Sky games have this where textures at oblique angles from the camera appear clearer. Take a close look at the sidewalk up the stairs when comparing the two images below.

  • Anisotropic filtering (AF): 1× (linear)

  • Anisotropic filtering (AF): 16×
  • Anti-aliasing: This was implemented several months ago, and I admit I thought it was broken. It turns out there had just been a crash bug in the options menu all along (to do with listing the modes that the GPU supports), which I’ve since fixed. We have Multisample Anti-Aliasing! This is tricky to show in a screenshot, but our videos should show it from now on.
  • 60 FPS: One of the first things Jose implemented two years ago. You can choose to play at 30 FPS, if you want.
  • Borderless window mode: The game can be played this way without the use of an external program or additional mods.
  • HD, variable-width font: The English font file can be any TrueType font, though we are optimizing the system text for the font we will provide. For other glyphs and Japanese support, the original Japanese font will be used. It is also a TrueType font (it always was) and can be replaced if a select few of you would like.
  • Extended NPC draw distance: NPCs no longer “pop in” at a relatively close distance from the player. Does not affect the visibility of monsters in the field.
  • Turbo mode: Like the other five Trails games on PC, we’ve implemented turbo mode. Hold a button on your keyboard or controller and the game will speed up by a certain factor. This factor can be between 2× and 6× for both battle and non-battle. Optionally, use the analog pressure sensitivity of your controller triggers to have a turbo speed that you vary in the range between 1× and the set factor. For example, hold it down halfway with a factor of 4× set in the options, and the game will run at 2.5× speed.
  • Custom cursor: The game already supported the mouse. To augment this, we’ve made a custom cursor that only appears when keyboard and mouse is used, and disappears (and is ignored for the battle system targeting) when a controller is used. Also, the cursor appears as the arrow icon from the Sky games for visual feedback when moving on the field using the mouse button. Thanks to Adda (@addaberry) for creating and editing cursors for us. We may have more to reveal about this in the future.
What? Is that a tonfa?!

That’s a lot

Yes, it is! There have been other technical changes, too, such as the numerous bugfixes:

  • The game no longer has extreme slowdowns from a common graphical effect during Aerial, other arts, map fadeouts, and numerous other instances.
  • The game no longer inexplicably flickers every so often.
  • The game no longer runs poorly if you play without a controller attached.
  • Text no longer shakes when scrolling in.
  • Character art for portraits, menu art, and any other place is no longer of a muted coloration compared to the PSP and Vita versions (and all three versions of the sequel).
  • Numerous other small fixes to make the game function with English text, alignment, rendering, and more!
  • How the Combat Notebook looks today
  • How it looked in a screenshot from 2017

Website update

Hello! Quick interruption by Floofy about a small update on the website.

There had been a minor tracking injection made to the header of the website and I have since cleared it out. No data for the site has been compromised, so don’t worry about that, at least.

I do want to thank TonRL from Reddit for notifying me of this issue. Remember, if you run into any other issues of this sort, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit and I’ll look into it for you. Thanks!

That’s it for now, folks!

That’s all we got for this update! If you check our YouTube, you’ll find two more videos showing off turbo mode…

…and the new save menu and custom cursor support!

As always, we appreciate the support and patience! See ya, guys.

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Trails from Zero: Scenario, Text, and Treasure

By: Ribose5

Hello bracers, priests, nuns, students, and soon-to-be detectives!

This post is going to be different from a progress report this time around. Today it’s Ribose here instead to talk about the game’s text in great detail. I also have a fun little thing to unveil, so if you like treasure and don’t like technical details, skip to the end!

Breakdown of Text

In the 15% milestone, Gu4n discussed the general breakdown of the scenario and touched on the non-scenario text briefly. Here, I’m going to go into more depth, just so I can show off some quick little charts at the end.

Here is the breakdown of various parts of the game’s text

  • scena refers to the stuff in the “scena” folder, and includes dialogue with NPCs (talk) and main story and side quest dialogue (event). In Trails in the Sky through Trails to Azure, talk and event functions occur in every scenario file, though it’s conveniently sorted and in reverse chronological order. Starting in Trails of Cold Steel, and in several modern Falcom games such as Tokyo Xanadu, talk and event functions are split into separate locations (sometimes seen as “tk” and “ev”). Each scenario file represents a single location in the game (a “map”), organized very neatly in files named with the form X###Y.bin. “X” is the region, one of “C” (Crossbell City), “E” (Events), “M” (Dungeons), “R” (Roads), and “T” (Towns). The three numbers specify a hierarchy of locations in each region, with the general rule of thumb that each sub-region is specified by the first two numbers. “Y” is either “0” for normal, “b” for night, or “c” for festival variants (“e” is used once in the game for an event in the morning for that map).
  • text refers to the stuff in the “text” folder, and includes all “data tables”. Incidentally, several of the tables have no text and specify things such as how orbments are laid out and item statistics. But, of course, the rest of the tables do have Japanese strings in them that were translated and are in the process of being edited. The following is the breakdown of data table text:
    • t_cook, t_fish, t_memo: Cooking Notebook descriptions, Fishing Notebook descriptions, and Detective Notebook tab text.
    • t_ittxt, t_ittxt2: Item names and descriptions.
    • t_magic: Skill (arts, crafts) names and descriptions.
    • t_town: Location names. This is used in all sorts of places such as the state map, quick travel, area map, save file text, Combat Notebook locations, fishing locations, when you enter a new area, and possibly more.
    • t_shop: Names of shops (item, food, quartz, hotels, medal shops all included).
    • t_record: Achievement/record names and descriptions.
    • t_mgame: Minigame explanation dialogue.
    • t_quest: Quest names, request text, and progress bullet-pointed text.
    • t_book00 through t_book05: Books. As in readable ones. You’d think this would be the largest portion, but t_quest actually has more text than all of the books combined!
  • monsnote refers the stuff in the “monsnote” folder, which includes the monster guide, which can be found in your Combat Notebook in Trails from Zero this time around.
    • MS structures: Technically, there is the file “data/monsnote/monsnote.dt2” which contains a sequence of every MS structure in the game. “MS structure” is my name for these as they show up in files named “ms#####.dat” in “data/battle/dat/” as well. The data in MS structures is highly detailed and contains all of a unit’s stats inside of battle, including a reference to their sprites, statistics, immunities, efficacies, some AI parameters, and a table of their skills. They also contain strings: their name, their description, and their skills’ names. The reason it appears in both “monsnote” and “battle” appears to be that the game uses “monsnote” for the Combat Notebook only, and “battle” for, well, in-battle analysis and behavior. You could end up with these differing, where it would appear and act different in battle from what your Combat Notebook claims! Of course, we don’t want that so we’ll be using the same MS structures in both locations, and I only count these once in my charts.
    • AS files: “data/battle/dat/” contains additional files other than the MS structures, specifically AS files. These appear in files named “as#####.dat” with corresponding unit IDs to all other locations, and they specify how units and skills behave. They also happen to occasionally hold text! There are only 14 strings translated in here, all of which are “over the head” callouts during battle.
  • exe/eboot are strings in ED_ZERO.exe and the PSP EBOOT respectively. This is all of the game’s non-sceanrio text which doesn’t classify as needing to go in some kind of table to function. Good examples are the descriptions in the menu, the options menu, some tutorial text, and numerous parts of the user interface. JoseJL has made a way to edit any exe string and very quickly iterate in the PC version! The PSP version has already been hacked and we’ll use the same tools to insert the eboot strings. There is a similar number of lines in the exe and eboot, so only the exe strings are counted in my charts.
  • In the PC version only, the debug features are preserved. As strings, it appears a little in the exe (but we’ve left this alone), and as a set of several scenario files (the debug rooms) with the region of “A”. With JoseJL’s help, I’ve translated that and we have an English-language debug room for the use of quickly testing many parts of the game! There are several other debug functions such as the F8 menu, jumping (to unstuck yourself), and free camera rotation, which we’ve been using to test many parts of the game.

And here is how they stack up to each other

The numbers are all the number of Japanese characters in all charts. The spreadsheets now track this number directly (as well as the number of English words in the final edit, which should be interesting to see when the project concludes), and it should be as accurate as I possibly could make it.

From the start of the project, we’ve actually been using a more arbitrary “line” count to calculate the overall percentage, which differs between our edit, the base translation, and the Japanese. To understand why, consider a two-line dialogue box in Japanese. In the edit, that could become three lines or one line. We still use this to calculate the overall percentage, but I’ve corrected the way it functioned so now it properly should use the contents of the spreadsheet and not hardcoded numbers.

As for these graphs, the Japanese character count includes all Japanese and ASCII characters in scenario column E (ultimately using the Google Sheets functions SUM() over the LEN() over every row in the project, which counts characters, as opposed to bytes).

  • The count excludes all “control codes” which specify, among other things, item display by ID, text color changes, and page breaks.
  • The count excludes all “function codes” which specify, among other things, character portraits, text size changes, and various other text properties, including furigana.
  • The count includes the content of furigana (text above other text, usually indicating how Japanese text should be read or for emphasis).
  • The count excludes line breaks, as I believe if you’re counting the number of Japanese characters, it doesn’t make sense to count the line breaks along with the text. If I wanted to count English characters, I would want to count the line breaks because reconstructing it as a single sentence would require you to place space characters in those places. Of course, I think it’s not very useful to anyone to count English characters and not English words, where the definition is more clear regarding line breaks once again. Line breaks aren’t words.

More on Text

As some previous posts have noted, more than Zerker are working on this project. There are two people directly editing/proofreading what Zerker has already edited (mostly to fix consistency and style from editing done over a year ago on this same enormous body of text!). Gu4n is working on various parts that can be related to the Kiseki Wikia project, specifically the books Back Alley Doctor Glenn and Crossbell Times. I (Ribose) am working mostly on non-scenario text and scenario consistency. This includes the now completed arts, crafts, and quartz text and soon-to-be completed item text.

Treasure Chests

Okay, so that was interesting and all, but here’s why I made this post. I catalogued the location (in files and in game) and contents of every chest in the game.

We are revealing a submission form here for treasure chest messages, sometimes called chest quotes. To celebrate the fans of this game, we’re opening a form to allow people to submit their own treasure chest messages for the game. There are 230 chests. The form allows you to specify a specific part of the game if you have one in mind (like “near the start” or a specific map like “West Crossbell Highway”), but for the most part, this shouldn’t matter. Please try to make sure that it is reasonably interesting, funny, or silly, and not offensive. Abstract and bizarre is absolutely acceptable! It can be referential humor, but the best chest messages work without any context, as I’m sure many of you have seen from the existing ones in Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC, and Trails in the Sky the 3rd, out on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store for Windows PC.

The treasure chest message says "Please look forward to Trails from Zero."

Please give us your submissions here:

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Trails from Zero: 70%

Post Music:

Hey, everyone! As you’re well aware, this marks another ten percent done in the first editing pass of Trails from Zero. However, this progress report is a bit more special than the others. Zero’s script is split up into four spreadsheets, and, now, we’ve managed to complete three out of the four. That’s pretty insane. Everything outside of Crossbell City has been edited, which just blows my mind.


I guess there’s not too much to fill you guys in on with this update. Ribose has started to look into non-dialogue text, such as NPC names, map labels, arts, crafts, and everything else under the sun. Jose was quickly able to insert that text into the game, and it looks fantastic so far!

Now that we’ve started this part of the patch, we decided to throw something together for you fine folks. Here’s a little demo video of Trails from Zero, showing the Special Support Section’s journey to Armorica Village!

Remember, things are still prone to change! This is more of a, “Hey! Look at all this good English text in game!”

Until next time, everyone!

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Trails from Zero: One Year Later


Well, that’s one year gone by since I joined the project. It’s hard to believe, really. When I sent the fateful message to Gu4n on Discord, I genuinely didn’t expect anything to come of it. But, on 6/4/2017, I was pinged from a channel in the Falcom Discord I wasn’t familiar with, and the rest is history.

Working on this project continues to be one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn’t ask for a better team, and I know that we all want people to be able to play, enjoy, and love Zero as much as we do. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this game really is something special. The cast, the story, the soundtrack – everything is perfect.

In the past year, we’ve made considerable progress on the project and I couldn’t be happier. Sure, there have been little bumps in the road, but the project is still chugging along at a solid pace. Namely, I experienced some burnout the past two months, but I’m past it. On the bright side, it’s clear that my writing has drastically improved compared to when I started. Us at the Geofront are determined to bring you Trails from Zero in all its glory.

I just wanted to talk about the project for a little bit, and considering it’s been a year, why not? I’ll throw in a few screenshots for you guys, but follow my Twitter or something to find out when the next progress report comes out.

Should be soonish. See ya.

Aw, it’s empty. This is so sad.

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[Admin] One More Privacy Policy Post, About Us, & More

Yes, I may have actually edited the in-game image for a stupid featured image for one post.

As much of the internet has since realized and meme’d to hell and back, there was a major disturbance in tubes in the form of the EU’s GDPR- a new privacy regulation that is changing how websites are to operate across the net.

While for sites like Geofront, this is not a massive change, it is a change that I’ve been eyeing carefully for quite some time now, as this is my real life work, too. So in an effort for my websites on to maintain a particular ‘professionalism’ to them, I’ve not only drafted up a privacy policy for it, but I’ve sought out methods to ensure all four sites hosted on it are GDPR compliant, much like other commercial sites that are required to do so.

This has also driven in a bit of an overhaul of the backend of the website, on top of some new additions- especially one that had been in the works since the day the site opened and never finished: a page about the team as a whole, revealing everyone who is involved and has been involved in the game’s translation. You might have noticed this being added and something missing from the menu.

So without further ado, jump into the cut to see the details of changes that have happened to the page in the past few weeks. Privacy Policy

As stated at the start, there has been a privacy policy put into affect onto all of the sites located on You can find this policy linked both in the header, the footer, and in anything that the socializer plugin that’s used deems necessary. This is part of a necessity to make the site GDPR compliant.

I feel that it is my responsibility to identify one area that is on the line of being compliant or not, and that is the usage of a WordPress plugin known as ‘Shortcodes Ultimate.’ This plugin draws in assets from FontAwesome, which does toe the line of compliancy with GDPR, since certain methods can involve FontAwesome getting some of your data, such as your IP address.

If you’re not interested in the work to go to the menu and find the link, you can read the Privacy Policy here.

That About Us Page

As stated, the draft for the About Us page had been in the works, but never finalized. Zerker finally settled in and finished the page like the writing beast that he is. There are additional items to add to it, but for the time being, we’re good with it as is. You can finally see the names of everyone involved on the project, and not just those of us who are chatty on here or other forms of social media.

bbPress Deactivation

Yes, there was a forum on this site. No, you probably didn’t know about it. I mean, even we kept forgetting about it.

As a result, I’ve deactivated them and removed them from the site entirely. My reasons for this are threefold.

  1. The forums are a potential security risk, as bots can attack them in an attempt to inject links to the site.
  2. To add to this, the developers behind bbPress, the plugin used for the forums, have not updated it in about a year. Which contributes to the former reason.
  3. Because they’ve not done any updates, this has also made the plugin not compliant with GDPR requirements.

It’s common practice to remove unused plugins to a WordPress installation to help prevent bot breaches of the site, and to ensure the smooth operation of it as a whole. For these reasons, I’ve made the decision to remove them from the site entirely.

But don’t worry. You are still able to comment on posts. We’ve not removed that avenue, nor do we intend to.

WordFence Security

With the removal of bbPress, I’ve also installed a piece of software that I run on my other WordPress sites: WordFence. I’ve used this for the better part of two years for Endless History and Delicious Crack no Kiseki. As such, as I’ve shut down some other rarely used plugins that were security related, and also super outdated, I’ve installed and activated WordFence to the site.

For the first week or so, WordFence remains in ‘learning mode’ where it can learn the activities and natures of the visitors of the site. Its primary use is to prevent spam bots and malicious attacks on the site to keep it secure so that it remains secure and safe to use.

WordFence can sometimes be a little overbearing and sometimes gets upset with surprising locales and other things- if you run into an issue with the suite being overbearing, please let me know via email, contact form (you can even use Endless History’s if you can’t access Geofront), or twitter, and I’ll do what I can to clear up any issues with it on the back end.

(You can also find more on its GDPR compliance via the privacy policy)

Other Miscellaneous WordPress Updates

I mentioned that another plugin was removed. As a few others are slated for removal as well. I’ve also performed some backend work on things, and I have finally linked this site to Google Analytics, which is something I also intended to do when the site opened. There are also some tiny little CSS changes here and there to make the site look better. You might not notice them, but I certainly do.

Regardless of all of this, there will be an actual translation update coming soon from Zerker, so you don’t want to miss out on that!

Happy browsing, and thank you all for keeping up with us and supporting us.

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[Admin] General Website Update

Hey, guys!

Just letting you know that I’ve been doing some work on the backend of the site today. I’ve had a socializer login for awhile running on the website, where you can utilize your social media accounts to create an account on the site.

That went down for a bit in the past week or so, because Facebook made an update to their API that changed my requirements and it broke the Facebook size of the social login system. In the process of repairing it, I discovered that Google made some changes as well to make the setup for a G+ login more restrictive than the past, so I removed that entirely.

You can still use Facebook and Twitter from the old setup.

However, to make up for the loss of G+, I have also integrated Steam and Twitch login systems to the site as well.

And as always, you can read up on the site’s privacy policy here. I won’t be using your info for ulterior motives or selling it, etc etc. The usual legalese for something of this sort.

Additionally, I have plans to allow you to use multiple commenting systems in the future. Currently, you can use the WordPress comments and Facebook- but I am exploring options to include Disqus in the list.

Feel free to respond here, or ping me on twitter if you have questions or run into issues with the site since this change.

EDIT: I’ve been doing more CSS tweaks around the site. These are mostly small cosmetic details that you may not notice. Please let me know if something looks janky or broken.

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Trails from Zero: 60%

Hello, everyone! Once again, I’m here with news of another 10% done on the editing of Trails from Zero. Quite a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes aside from the editing, but don’t worry, I’ll get into that in a bit.

Editing Progress

Personally, I continue to become happier and happier with my edits. My recent work consisted of finishing up Armorica Village, Mainz, and moving on to St. Ursula Medical College and the border gates. Man, you would not believe how big St. Ursula really is. I finished up everything there except the hospital and decided to switch things up and try my hand at the gates. It’s going to be crazy when all that’s left is to edit the rest of Crossbell City. All in all, I’m proud of how I’ve improved as an editor (and I most certainly plan to fix my early stuff during QA!)

Behind the Scenes

The others that are working on programming and pseudo-QA right now really don’t get enough credit. Jose, our programmer, is always ready to help and has made some amazing improvements to Zero’s PC version. On the other side of the coin, Ribose never fails to give me a helping hand and keep the script consistent. I owe a lot to my teammates and they haven’t let me down. In the meantime, we’ve managed to translate and get crisp versions of the battle UI, menu names, and even the font we’re using. On top of that, Jose has been able to figure out how colored text spacing worked and Ribose was able to translate the debug menu, which helps our testing of the game immensely. Keep this under wraps, but we might be contemplating inserting portraits into the game for the primary two characters that don’t have them in Zero.

Video Shenanigans

While talking to one of my friends, DrCullenPHD, the topic of video editing popped up. One thing led to another, and a few hours later, we had proof that it would be possible to replace the Japanese logo and text within the opening and editing with our own logo and translations. I, for one, was pretty blown away by it, so I hope you guys can look forward to that in the future. Who knows, perhaps a trailer for Trails from Zero might happen at some point…?


From here on out, I intend to edit Bellguard Gate and Tangram Gate before swinging back around to finish St. Ursula Medical College.  Like I mentioned before, I was really caught off guard by just how large the script is there. As of now, I’ve finished the exterior, Research Ward, and the cafeteria and dormitories. The hospital section is certainly the largest, but I’m excited to go back to it later down the line. I’m thinking that we might try to do something special for 75% and April Fools’ Day. We’ll see what happens.

In some ways, I feel like I got stuck in a bit of a rut after hitting 50%. A barrier, if you will. Anyways, I don’t intend to stay stuck in it and I want to continue to make solid progress on editing while maintaining the quality I believe I’ve been hitting. As always, thanks to my girlfriend, teammates, and friends who have never stopped encouraging me and the team. Here’s to you!

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Trails from Zero: 50%

With great pleasure, I can finally say that the Trails from Zero editing is at 50%.  Despite the longer gap between updates, progress continues to move forward, relentlessly.  I hope you enjoy the treat we’ve thrown together for this big milestone! For this update, I’m simply going to talk about the journey thus far and plans for the project.

Personal Thoughts

Sitting at my desk, I’m quite giddy at the fact that we’ve managed to get halfway through this massive, wonderful game.  It’s insane to think about how I managed to fall in love with this game, and somehow started working on bringing it to English. The whole experience is and continues to be a joy to work on.  Nothing is quite like working on a passion project with a group of friends.

This semester at college has been pretty tough, if I’m honest. Being with my amazing girlfriend, my friends, and working on this has made it an unforgettable one. Besides, I can partially thank this project for convincing me to change my major to English. With that, I plan to become a teacher someday.  The semester is almost at its close, and I can’t be more excited to take on different coursework that I think I’m going to enjoy.

Plans for Zero

As of now, Guan, Catasplurge, and I are primarily focused on editing the dialogue of Trails from Zero.  While we’re doing that, Ribose continues to proofread and keep consistency throughout the script. He’s sort of our issues tracker, so to say.  Floofy has been our resident image editor, creating awesome edits of things in-game, like the chapter cards.  Jose, our programmer, is busy fixing bugs with script insertion and fixing the sloppy PC port.  Speaking of the PC port, you should try to get your hands on that. I won’t go into it too much, but that will easily be the superior way to play Zero.  In our project, the game’s dialogue has been split into four spreadsheets: Crossbell City, Towns, Roads/Events, and Dungeons.  Currently, Roads/Events and Dungeons have been completely edited. 50% of Crossbell City has been edited, and I’m working on Towns before jumping back into that monster of a spreadsheet.

Plans for the Future

The future is pretty exciting. I’ll go ahead and say now, a few others and I already have a team together to tackle Trails to Azure when Trails from Zero is finished.  If everything goes as planned, I intend to bring Crossbell home, in its full.  I really want nothing more than to be able to do that. And, after that, I doubt I see myself calling it quits on fan translations.  It’s just too damn fun.

If you’re a Falcom fan (I’d be surprised if you aren’t, if you’re reading this), you should be excited about all the fan translations in the works. Guan, Jose, and Preta just finished up and released Brandish 2 for the PC-98, so check that out! Our friends Wheat and Aliseyun are still heading up Trails to Infinity (Nayuta) and Ys II Special, respectively.

Sample Video

Well, here’s what a lot of you were probably waiting for! We decided, hey, why not go ahead and show off a little bit of what we’ve done? And what would be better than a video of the beginning of Zero, trailing right up to the OP (plus some other stuff)? The beginning of the game has turned out great, and I hope you all, individually, watch it at least 50 times.

We’re halfway over the barrier now, as a wise detective would probably say.  Fortunately, we don’t intend to stop climbing until we’ve gotten over it.  That’s all for this update, I can’t wait to share more with you in the future!

Note from omgfloofy

As I state in the description of the video, there are some quirks here that aren’t finalized in it. There is an audio quirk at one point, which was caused during rendering- this wasn’t from the game at all, so don’t worry about that. Last but not least, while the video is running 60 FPS at 720p, this is because of my recording software. I actually had the game running at 1080p, and it held a steady 60 FPS through it.

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Trails from Zero: 40%

By: Gu4n

As the release date of Sen no Kiseki III draws near, we like share another milestone on the Trails from Zero project — 40%! — with you before our progress temporarily slows down to play the latest game in the series.

Zerker has returned to college and my work continues to be as demanding as always, we were worried the project would significantly slow down as real-life caught up on us. Fortunately, Falcom friend Catasplurge offered his help to maintain the project’s steady pace. Needless to say, he has been successful. Both Catasplurge and Supremezerker have been slaving away at the Crossbell City sheet — which is completed for more than 50% by now — and I actually made some solid progress on the towns surrounding Crossbell City.

With everything said and done, the grand total is 41.69% at this very moment.


As promised, attached are nine screenshots from the PC version. The new logo has been inserted into the game, the slightly miscoloured portraits from the PC versions of Zero have been restored to their original colours, and our hacker has even started exploring the realm of editing in-game graphics, such as fixing Michelam’s “Wander” Land. Needless to say: all these screenshots are literally a work in progress.

Yes, we know the nurse’s outfit is pink.

Trails to Azure

From Zero we go To Azure, where translator Guren has passed the 60% milestone. This very moment his blog reports 61.66%. Zerker has already indicated that, unless he burns out on Zero before it is released, he would love to work on editing Azure next!

Trails to Infinity

Nick Wheat tweeted earlier that Trails to Infinity — the name you all voted for! — has passed the 20% milestone for editing. The actual re-translation is a bit further along the lines, around 30%. For more information on Trails to Infinity, see their blog Lost Heaven.

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The Characters of Trails from Zero

In a need to create content for this site, since it’s a bit difficult to really show stuff that’s happening on the back-end with spreadsheets and stuff. (looking at spreadsheets isn’t that very exciting for the whole progress aspect of things.) I’ve decided to give people a small preview of what to expect from the game by starting to translate the character page from Falcom’s official website for the game.

For now, I have the translated relationship chart, but in the future I will also be releasing the character profiles from the game soon. There may be a surprise along with them, as well!

The image is behind a cut in case you want to go in without any information on the characters, but this is pretty much what Falcom unveiled over time leading toward’s the game’s release in 2010.

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Trails from Zero: ~30%

By: Gu4n

With Supremezerker’s supreme summer coming to an end, we wanted to push out another update to let you know we edited close to half of Crossbell City’s scenario and with it, almost 1/3 of the scenario as a whole.

Trails from Zero

As you can see, we decided to switch from the initial working title of ‘Trails to Zero’ to ‘Trails from Zero’. Both Zerker and I agree that it’s a better fit from the game. It also works better with its sequel in the sense of ‘Trails from Zero to Azure’.

The gorgeous logo was originally designed by SkyeWelse, the graphic artist of the Heroes of Legend team that did the translation of Zero (and have since translated 52% of Ao’s script!). But with our change of prepositions came a new logo, so we swapped the ‘of’ for ‘from’. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Progress report

Summer came and summer went. And I can say, with full confidence, this was the most productive summer of my life. Being able to work on this gem of a game is an absolute joy, and I know the rest of the team feels the exact same way. It was my personal goal to reach 30% overall on this passion project before I had to return to college. Lo and behold, we did it. We’re almost 1/3 the way finished with the editing of Zero. Honestly, I’ve so proud that we’ve come this far.

“Magic, huh?”

Now that I’ve beat Ao a couple weeks ago and I’ve been able to digest it all, surprisingly enough, my favorite Kiseki is still Zero. There’s something about the magic of the Special Support Section in Zero that can pull you in like no other game can, in my opinion. Beginning as strangers, growing closer as the game progresses… The SSS really is something else. But that’s enough of me gushing about the game.

I move back to college tomorrow and with that comes less time to work on Zero. While I won’t be working on it 8-5, full-time from now on, there’s no way in hell I’ll forget to work on this. Although, I’m not going to let it drag down my grades. That Computer Engineering degree isn’t going to earn itself after all.

Well, that’s everything on my end, everyone!


The screenshots we promised in last blog post are still coming. Problems with rendering of the new font forced our hacker to start over, so we’ll be sure to share screens as he fixes the problem.


Immediately after the Call for Editors in our previous update, the editing was picked up by Wheat. Ever since, he and his translator have been ironing out the fundamentals required for a consistent editing process. If you want to stay up to date with their process – and discuss the English name for the game – make sure to follow Wheat on Twitter! Mishushu~

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[Admin] Website Updates: New Menu Items

Hello, everyone! Floofy here. Though I’ve been on a break from the project itself, I’ve still been doing back end work to the website to ensure that it stays functional, up to date, and safe for users to login and use. This post is part of my transparency to keep everyone in the loop of any projects I’m doing on any of the sites I run.

Part of this back end work, of course, includes minor improvements. One such improvement was, unfortunately, a missed request from rohitaug on the BBS of the site, and that was a request for an RSS feed. As a quick bit of advice, RSS is always available on any WordPress powered website, by simply adding ‘/feed/’ at the end of the URL. But to make it a lot easier for everyone involved, I’ve included a link to the feed, as well, to make it easier to be notified for whenever the site is updated.

When looking at the RSS feed icon on the menu, you may have also noticed the ‘about’ link that has appeared, also. This is because it seems like has become a bit of a hub, apparently, now hosting four websites. Details on the four websites involved, their hosting, and how to contact me if any issues crop up can be found on that page.

Thank you very much for your patience everyone!

Additionally, I’ve setup some SEO and OpenGraph details on the back end. This should help when sharing articles. Let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Yes, I know I used an Ao no Kiseki image for the header. I just love that image, though, and thought the feeling was a nice relief from the hot and crazy summer we’ve all had. 😀

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Milestone: 25%

By: Gu4n

Today we celebrate that the editing of Zero no Kiseki‘s scenario hit the 25% milestone!

Message from Supremezerker

Hey, everyone! Supremezerker here, or just Zerker. As some already know, I joined the project as an editor towards the beginning of June.  Since then, I’ve been working a ton this summer trying to get this whale of a game edited.  I’ve recently beaten Ao, and I can say with 100% confidence that I LOVE the Crossbell Arc.  Lloyd Bannings has risen to my favorite protagonist of all time, not just in Kiseki games and I adore all the citizens of Crossbell State.  I can’t describe how much of a joy it’s been to work on what might possibly be my favorite game in the series. It’s a pleasure to say that we’ve finally hit that big quarter milestone, which I’m unbelievably proud of.  Editing this game always gets me raring to go for the day, getting me excited to see which character or event will be edited next.  

“Heehee, Zerker’s in a relationship!? News flash! Grace Lynn strikes again!” 

This project has really made me appreciate the world of Zemuria even more than I already did. The variety of NPCs living in Crossbell City, with their own stories and quirks, just blows me away.  My personal favorite to edit has got to be Ms. Grace Lynn, the brilliant journalist from the Crossbell Times. Grace never fails to keep a smile on my face while I’m editing, with that optimism and spunk of hers. Her way of overexaggerating everything with such swagger always keep me engrossed in whatever’s taken place. Now one of the characters I have trouble with occasionally is the fan-favorite, Tio Plato.  Personally, her deadpan attitude is a little hard to nail, but with the help of others, we’ve been able to do her justice.

 Well there we are.  With college starting up again in a few weeks, editing will unfortunately have to slow down.  Don’t you worry in the slightest though, I’m not going anywhere. Of course, school and my relationship take priority, but this passion project will still be chugging along.  We’ve made so much progress, and I intend for the progress to keep moving forward.  I appreciate everyone’s support and I hope that you look forward to the day you can spend an afternoon in Crossbell with the Special Support Section.

For the next update, we’ll try to have some screenshots with text inserted into the PC version.

Furthermore, the Ao no Kiseki translation is — at this very moment — almost at 50%, according to translator Guren’s blog!

[Call for Editors] Nayuta

As most of you know, Nayuta no Kiseki was fan translated two years ago by flamethower of the Heroes of Legend team. While the game may not have writing on par with the mainline Kiseki series, it still deserves at least a round of editing to take the roughness of its edges. The script also isn’t as large as the mainline Kiseki titles, weighing in at about 360,000 characters in total.

If you’re interested in editing Nayuta, please register at the Heroes of Legend forums to express your interest or leave a message in the comments so the team knows where to find you.

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By: Gu4n

Fifteen. That’s the number you’ve been asking for. The editing of Zero no Kiseki‘s scenario is currently for approximately 15% completed. If you have been hoping we would be further along, please make sure to continue reading.

What does that mean?

You see, it was no more than 2% until mid-May. From January until mid-May, I had been unable to do more than 2% of that — well, granted — enormous script. In addition to my frustration over my own lack of progress, omgfloofy’s (wise) decision to distance herself from the project and other (translation) projects piling up next to me left me in a highly demotivated state.

That’s when a miracle happened. Supremezerker contacted me to inform whether we could use an extra hand since he had time to spare anyway. Furthermore, he came fresh off Zero and was working his way through Ao, so his earnest offer was a blessing in disguise. That same afternoon, I introduced Zerker (or ‘Laurafag’ for friends) to our working environment and within those five weeks, he bumped that percentage from 2 to 15% pretty much on his own.

If it wasn’t clear from that progress, he thoroughly enjoys working on the game. And his enthusiasm is contagious.

How is it structured?

With nothing else to go by, many asking us this questions have assumed that the strings within the files are chronological and sorted by chapter. That is the case in the Zero no Kiseki spreadsheet by kitsune547, but the actual game files are a whole lot messier to work with. For example:

The strings are roughly split in two sections: the scenario and the text. Scenario encompasses everything that happens in the game world, primarily dialogues. Text contains the information you access through menu’s and your — in this case, detective — notebook, such as recipes and the monster guide. While that is a lot of work on its own, on which omgfloofy started, I started on exactly the ‘opposite side’ of the game.

The scenario is split into collections of areas, like Crossbell City, the towns you go to, the roads you traverse to get there, the dungeons you discover, et cetera. Crossbell City is further divided within its districts, such as the Station Street and Central Plaza, which you may have seen during Trails of Cold Steel II‘s Divertissement. And within those districts, there are separate rooms for buildings, like the S.S.S office (that’s the file — and by far the largest room in the game — I’m currently working on) and shops and restaurants. Each of these are further divided into day, night and a special event scenario.

All Kiseki games — from Trails in the Sky FC all the way up to Trails of Cold Steel II — are structured similarly. This is how you end up with hundreds of files. The team that worked on the translation already kindly sorted the sheets so we had no problem figuring out what is what.

Speaking of that team, what’s up with Ao?

After finishing translating Zero, the team (by which I mean hacker flamethrower and translator Guren no Heya Kara) continued working on Ao. At this very moment, the translation for Ao is for 43.82% completed. You can keep track of Guren’s progress on his blog. Guren has a donation button on his website, so if you appreciate his outstanding efforts, please let him through that button or at least a word of thanks.

Another common misconception is that these are all isolated efforts. That is actually really far from the truth. Before I joined and after I left the Zero fan translation group, I was already/still in touch with its team members to share Kiseki knowledge or terminology. I rolled back in to work on the translation of Ao’s prologue. Even now, I stay in touch with the team members working on Ao. And separately from us, another group has approached them to combine their efforts. How else can we overcome these barrie-*shot*


Wait. Hold that Justice Magnum. Before I forget: I’ve been thinking about renaming the game from Trails to Zero to Trails from Zero. I would like to ask those who already played the Crossbell duology to weigh in on this suggestion. If you wonder what led me on this path, allow me to remind you of the promotional trailer for Ao. I’m not linking the teaser here due to spoilers, and I’m expecting you to maintain a similar spoiler policy in your comments under this article.

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Boy, Isn’t Being Misrepresented Great? Setting out the Facts

Seriously, people putting words in our mouths, and not bothering to listen to a single thing we’ve said, but instead choose to spread their own version of the truth about it. So how about I put it all out in the open, and in a place where it can’t even be questioned whether or not one of us is actually saying this? This is what you get when you want transparency, I suppose.

Yes, a patch did go out. No, this was not our patch. So if you think comparing us to what happened with Felghana is actually accurate, try again. This patch was a super early version of the translation that was being worked on by zerog way back in the day, and it was from before he actually locked everything down to be completely private for his project. We did not actually start working on this until December 2016.

What are we mad about? We are mad that someone (not on 4chan before you anons get up in arms) came to our faces to basically tell us that our work isn’t worth it at his rate. Work that we’ve put into this, pushing other personal projects to the side over.

“Why don’t you make a percentage?”

Since this keeps being asked about, let me cover this subject.

1) Because we don’t want to. We are already feeling the ‘soul draining’ aspect of this that also led Jess to cut her hair when working on FC’s script. This script is so massive, that each change we make isn’t even a tenth of a percent of the whole script. It’s already demoralizing to be told that our work isn’t worth it. We don’t want something like this demoralizing us more either. This is not a job. We’re doing this on the side from everything else we all normally do anyway.

2) Because our formatting isn’t going to make it easy. We’re working over ten spreadsheets, one of which has about 80-100 workbooks, at least. Now, I can easily make a formula to create a percentage based off of work from a specific column in a spreadsheet, but just today, we had to move stuff around in one of the workbooks because it was formatted funny, and didn’t have allowances for our edits in it yet. That would have broken our percentage recording, and the formula would have to be rebuilt.

3) The monster table is in very strict character counts. If this is the PSP version, we can’t break 22 characters per line. Percentages would be difficult to accomodate for lines that aren’t edited to fit in the 22 character limit. The PC version won’t have this problem, so it needs to be figured out if this table will work as is, or if it’ll look better to do something different with it with the higher PC resolution and more character count allowance due to our font selection.

Those Amazing E-celeb Points

If you guys think we’re doing this for the Internet E-Celeb Points, I have to ask, ‘are you daft?’ Have you seen what professional translators and publishers in the game industry go through on a daily basis? I feel it’s completely thankless and frustrating to deal with people on this aspect.

If I want e-celeb points, I’m doing the wrong thing, without fail. If I wanted e-celeb points, I’d make this post out to be more than it is now, even. But I won’t do that either. All I’m doing is telling you the truth about this project. It’s your choice to believe me or not.

Real Life and Endless History

This past week has been frustrating, on top of everything I’ve been doing for Endless History. Out of a desire to not let the outside influences of this translation project affect me, I’m temporarily stepping away from it. This could be a month to two months. I don’t know for sure yet, but I need to focus on Endless History and Anime Expo at the start of July, and the reaction over this whole thing has been enough to make me reconsider plans regarding that.

And to be fair, I don’t want that. I already put something in motion for AX that I want to see through (the fan appreciation box), and I need to step away. Seeing things said elsewhere is one thing- but having them brought up to our faces is something else entirely.

I can’t say anything about Guan and the others, though. This is just me.

What About the Translation?

It’s still going. We’ve made a change to make things a little faster, because the speed at which it’s going is already frustrating to us. (See the percentage aspect of things)

Translating, for me, has some aspects similar to website development (my actual line of work)- when you have a massive backlog of things that need to be done, it becomes difficult to keep yourself motivated when it feels like no progress is being made. If you want to completely devastate your progress in something like this, give yourself a percentage. That’s a sure fire way to make you realize how large and unending a project seems.

Guan’s Progress Update

Guan posted on neogaf yesterday with some updated info. I want to give a heads up, that our latest build for the PC patch can’t even render text right now (we’re changing font display in it), so it’s kind of difficult for us to show screenshots. Especially as, as I’ve said repeatedly, 95% of our work is going to be in these spreadsheets, which aren’t very exciting to show.

However, he did show a screenshot of what he was working on, along with one of our font tests for the PC version of the game.

In Closing

As I said before, all I want is respect- not to be told that my work is pointless, etc etc- and patience from people. I was reluctant to do this at the very start when people suggested I reach out to Zerog way back in the day. I straight up told him that I didn’t want to work 100% on the script. Yet, here I am.

Don’t get me wrong. I sound negative and frustrated, which I am- but the end result is people getting to play the first game of what, I believe, is the best arc of the Kiseki series. An editing job isn’t just a ‘check the line and move on.’ Many of these lines, as I said in the previous post, are requiring rewrites. The monster table, which is my baby, is kind of broken, because most of the entries actually break the character count. So those rewrites rely on me figuring out what does and doesn’t stay, and how much do I sacrifice to make it fit?

I believe fan translation is one of the most thankless things out there, but the end result of this is positive.

Oh, and one more thing, since I feel it needs to be reiterated, despite the times I’ve said how big this script it: Zero and Ao no Kiseki are the biggest games of the series. On top of this, the script itself isn’t linear. It’s mostly broken up by the region of Crossbell. So it’s likely that we can be working on one thing, then the sheet jumps to dialogue two chapters later.

More than anything, I just ask for patience. If you want to play the leaked patch, then by all means, go for it. But I’d like to think that what we can provide will be far superior in terms of editing.

I just ask that you respect us, and don’t do things like certain idiots have- and that’s come to us directly via twitter or discord or whathaveyou, and basically tell us that what we’re doing is worth jack and that we should stop. That’s when it gets rude, and that’s really what we’re upset about. Not the fact that people are playing with the early zerog patch.

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Rumors of Our Completion Are Exaggerated

I’m picking up on rumors that we’re either almost done or completely done with the work we’ve been doing. I can promise that this isn’t the case. I’m drafting up a plan to bring some content here, but beyond that, it’s really hard to report when we’re basically still in the phase of making stuff sound right while in spreadsheet format.

As a reminder, we picked up a script where the person running it had requested that the script be overly literal.

One such example is the following exchange between Lloyd, Randy, and Noel:

Noel: But, if there’s anything, please don’t hesitate to contact Tangram Gate okay? I’ll report all that happened today to the Vice Commander.
Lloyd: Alright… Then we’re counting on you.
Randy: Well then, see ya.
Noel: Yes…!

Guan had just finished going over this particular exchange today, and we’re trying to make lines have a little less ‘stiff-ness’ to them, in a sense, and show more of the character personalities in them. Don’t worry, we don’t plan to go all Working Designs here. That’s not our style. But the end result of what he had done looks like this:

Noel: Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Tangram Gate if something’s up, okay? I’ll report the outcome of our work back to my vice commander.
Lloyd: Sure, we’re counting on you!
Randy: Laters!
Noel: Haha…Laters!

Unfortunately, whereas XSEED has people who are capable of doing this kind of work full time, those of us who are working on this are putting our work and efforts in on it between our real life obligations as well as our other hobbies, and it’s definitely not a small task. However, those of us involved were very dismayed at the thought that this game, which has so much character and personality in it, would get a very dry and super literal translation that would lose that personality in it.

To be fair, I know that I did promise something of my own to help people out with their wait, but I apparently had a big plan for it that may not be easily doable before I can get started with the work on it. So I might dial it back a little bit to be able to get more things to people sooner, rather than later.

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Welcome to the Geofront!

Welcome to the Geofront!

This is a page that will be dedicated to the translation efforts to finish the editing for the Zero no Kiseki fan translation as that was started by the team from the Heroes of Legend message board.

This site will allow us to create public updates, answer questions, and give people a central location to find out more information of who is on the team, what we’re doing, our progress and so forth.

As I’m a part of the team, I’ve chosen to host the site on, alongside Endless History, to give some control over the media available on the page. However, this is a lot more accessible in terms of community and communications- you can register to the site using various methods of social media, and you can even use your Facebook account to comment if you so wish for it.

On top of the login accessibility, we also have a bbpress run message board on here. If you feel you have an issue you want to discuss about posts or other technical problems, this will allow all of us who run this to be able to access them and contact and answer questions.

I want people to be able to have a voice and a good, single place to bring it all together. Over the next few weeks, I will also be building a page where you can see all the various members of the team and get to know who we are.

There may also be other changes based on the specific needs of the website as they come forth in the next few weeks or so.

As always, feel free to let me know if you have problems- you can find the forum for it here. If you have any suggestions for things you want to see, let me know there, as well.

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