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Before yesterdayRelease notes from polychromatic


By: lah7

After having a bit of a hiatus developing the next "major" update to this application, it's time for a very minor release to fix some "paper cuts" in the stable version:

  • Address misaligned button text on Ubuntu/Debian (due to fonts-play package).
  • Fixed a hard to read DPI/Poll Rate label.
  • Fix an issue causing a blank Preferences → Daemon screen.
  • Add warnings if the old PPA is detected.

Ubuntu / Linux Mint users: The PPA has changed!

If you installed Polychromatic prior to around September 2017, there's been a bit of re-organisation since then regarding PPAs used for updating the software:

  • lah7/polychromatic has moved to polychromatic/stable.
  • lah7/polychromatic-daily has moved to polychromatic/daily

⚠️ v0.3.12 will be the last update to the old PPA.

To make the transition:

  1. Open Software & Updates and open the Other Software tab.

  2. Find the "lah7/polychromatic" entry in the list and delete it.

  3. Open the terminal and run:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:polychromatic/stable
    sudo apt update

v0.3.11.x - OpenRazer Rename

By: lah7

This release simply renames and points to the new naming used for the driver/daemon. Previously known as terrycain/razer-drivers.


The version has been bumped to v2.0.0.

⚠️If you're using Ubuntu, you should to switch to the new driver/daemon repository, as you will get dependency errors and be unable to update the program.

Unless you are already using ppa:openrazer/stable, run these commands to make a clean switch:

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/terrz-ubuntu-razerutils-*
sudo apt remove python3-razer razer-daemon razer-doc razer-kernel-modules-dkms
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openrazer/stable
sudo apt update
sudo apt install polychromatic openrazer-meta


By: lah7



By: lah7



By: lah7

A minor update to address a few issues, particularly after the daemon's last updat which caused a regression for Blade Stealth devices.

The changes are mainly for improved stability until the next major release, which is slowly tugging along. 🛠️

  • Catch more exceptions in the Controller and Tray Applet to prevent missing items, both in the interface and under the hood.
  • Internal code refactoring, namely the preferences page.
  • Drop version dependency of WebKit2 >2.12 for Debian/Ubuntu.
  • "Properly" add support for the starlight effect (where supported by keyboards via hardware)
  • Bump preferences to revision 5, which cleans up how booleans were stored and pretty prints the JSON files.


By: lah7

This is a "quick" release to tweak the daemon's paths as they have changed in the daemon's latest v1.1.14 update.

  • ~/.razer-service has become:
    • ~/.config/openrazer/ for storing the daemon's configuration.
    • ~/.local/share/openrazer/ for logs.


By: lah7

This release only contains a small but important change in the recently released v1.1.13 of the driver/daemon.

  • Rename razer-service to razer-daemon. Thanks @SengokuKamuri (#95)


By: lah7

It's been a quiet couple of weeks, this minor release contains a few small things.

  • Re-licensed as GPL 3.
  • 🇩🇪Add German translation. (Thanks @BlauerHunger!)
    • Packages for Ubuntu already got this in time for v0.3.9.
  • Tray: Do not show colours menu in tray if device doesn't support RGB.
  • Controller: Fix profile matrix rows/cols for non-BW devices. (#92)
  • Controller: Various fixes to prevent exceptions, including:
    • Determining username for "plugdev message". (#91)
    • Ensure slider for unknown poll rate. (#91)

More major improvements still to come! 🕥


By: lah7

This is a minor release, with some fixes and new device support.

Device Support

  • Add option for changing "backlit" mice, e.g. Naga 2014. (#77)
  • Add option for setting polling rate for mice.
  • Limit DPI to values the device supports.

Applies to both Controller and Tray Applet.


  • Add logic to check whether user is part of the plugdev group.
  • Fix logic when detecting an out of date daemon.
  • Requires sync_effects_enabled in daemon's config to be disabled. (#79)
  • Fix garbled display when choosing an application (#82)
  • Minor UI tweaks.

Tray Applet

  • Fix wrong colour being selected for green variants. (e.g. BlackWidow Ultimate)
  • Hide effects if device doesn't have any to show.

Both the Controller and Tray Applet now synchronise device states, so if you make tweaks in one while the other is running, they'll be reflected without needing to reload. 😌


By: lah7

The tray applet gets a lot of love in this update! ❤️

Tray Applet

  • Completely overhauled.
  • Only shows options relevant to that device.
  • Improved support for devices that have separate logo/scroll lighting options.
  • Shows the current status for effects, brightness, etc.
  • Shows a visual list of your saved colours.
  • (For mice) Now supports setting the DPI.
  • Offers an option to restart the daemon.


  • Fixed an issue when creating profiles based on an installed application.
  • Macros, game modes and profiles only show if the device supports them.
  • Preferences - Improved selection for changing icons.
  • Preferences - Daemon options have been temporarily dropped, as the latest daemon does not read them.
  • Ultimate (non-RGB) keyboards present shades of green.
  • Refreshed UI improvements.
  • Miscellaneous fixes under the hood.

Feature Dropped: "Start-up Settings"

The tray applet use to be responsible for setting an effect, brightness or profile when it first runs. This has been dropped temporarily. It was unreliable, especially as it applied them to the first device.

Rest assured, this feature will be coming back much improved in the next major release. 👍

Even more packages! 📦

If you're a Fedora or openSUSE user, you'll be pleased to know you now have packages available! Thanks to @z3ntu for setting this up. See the README for instructions.